A Heated End to the Season

There are just three races remaining in what has been one of the most exciting F1 seasons in recent memory as three tracks in the middle-east will determine whether Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes hold the top spot once again, or if Max Verstappen and Red Bull will turn the tables.

With just 11 points in the constructors and fourteen in the driver’s standings, it’s a much closer run than many in recent memory and there’s still plenty of drama to come too as bookies start to ramp up the odds as the races get closer and more unpredictable.

Big betting sites have a lot to push for with this close title race, and decisions from the last few races could have a big influence on the outcome.

There should be some more information revealed regarding the stewards’ decision on the Turn 4 drama that occurred in Brazil last weekend but it’s unlikely that anything will materialize from this as post-race decisions are rarely made.

But many drivers have since spoken out against the actions of Verstappen and how whilst the move is somewhat common in a close title race, it was unnecessary and could be a sign of things to come in the final races where hard racing will be at an all-time high as Verstappen chases his first championship and Hamilton looks to extend his current legacy.

The end of the season has raised some questions about punishments and strategy too – with the first infraction of a new mechanical part, drivers are subject to a 10-place grid penalty.

But subsequent infractions are only subject to a 5-place penalty – seen in Brazil with Hamilton’s new ICE unit that allowed him to charge through the field on an incredible run, is the penalty harsh enough particularly when it could have such a great advantage towards the end of the season with these very close battles?

That isn’t to say what Hamilton did isn’t an incredible display of skill in itself but will undoubtedly be something that is mentioned if it happens again and determines the outcome at the end of the season.

Next years cars will look and drive very differently, as such it’s not yet known what the front and middle of the pack will look like and if the two front runners in Mercedes and Red Bull will continue to be as dominant as they are.

Regardless of the outcome, it’s a very heated end to the season and there’s still plenty of drama likely to come with neither of the front runners giving an inch, with fan hopes that racing will stay clean and avoid any unnecessary incidents that had already been seen earlier in the year.