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A List of Elements You Should Remember When Planning Your Loved One’s Funeral

The arrangement of a funeral can be a trying time for the deceased’s family, as there are many requirements when it comes to technical details and paperwork, and you have to contend with all these requirements while having to deal with the loss of your loved one as well. Fortunately, you can seek help from a funeral director for whatever requirements and arrangements you have, and they can take care of various pertinent details for you. This can lessen your stress during this trying time and give you the chance to comfort your other loved ones and deal with your loss in the best way you can as well. But even if you have a funeral director by your side, there are some elements you should remember when planning your loved one’s funeral. What are these elements that can add to the significance of the occasion? Let’s find out.

  • The music

Music often plays a big role in any funeral service, and with this, you can go with the music choices your loved one may have wanted, or you can go with traditional music or religious music as befitting your funeral tribute to the deceased. If you would like live music during the service, your funeral director, like the funeral directors in Leeds from respected services such as Carroll & Carroll Independent Funeral Services, can assist with the arrangements for this, whether you would like a live band, a musician or singer, a choir, an organist, and so on. It is common to have music played while the coffin is being carried into the place where you are holding the funeral service, and music is also often played while the casket is being carried out.

  • The eulogies

Eulogies are speeches that are given at funeral services, and they are supposed to honour and pay tribute to the unique life of your loved one. While a celebrant or minister can address the mourners at the service with special words, a personal eulogy or eulogies given by close friends or family members is a standard as well.

There are various types of eulogies, and their style and tone can depend on the deceased’s personality and the personality of whoever is doing the eulogy. But if you are planning eulogies, consider asking those who knew the deceased well so they can write something that is fitting for the person who has died. You can discuss your eulogy plans with your funeral director, and if you have any special requests, they may be able to accommodate them. It depends on your requests, but requests often range from the donning of formal dress to dancing during the service.

  • The reception

A funeral service will often end with a reception, wake, or funeral tea. If you are planning a burial, you can opt for just very close friends and family members to attend the burial at the graveside, while the other sympathizers and mourners can wait for you at the venue of the reception. The reception you plan can be part of an entire afternoon or even evening in celebration of your loved one’s life, and for this, you have the option to book a wide range of venues such as community centres, leisure halls, hotels, pubs, gardens, and even the grounds of a football club if your loved one was partial to the sport.