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A Porsche pulling out of service centre failing to give way cleaned up by a 90’s Corolla

Luxury $180,000 Porsche that had just been given a service fails to give way and gets smashed into another car by an old Toyota Corolla

  • Dashcam caught of luxury Porsche being hit after driving out of service centre 
  • The $180,000 car pulls out onto road without giving way to Toyota Corolla 
  • Commenters on the clip asked why no one appears to check on Toyota driver  

The moment a $180,000 Porsche is smashed into by a banged up 1990s Toyota  Corolla immediately after pulling out of a Melbourne service centre has been caught on dashcam. 

The footage shared online on Monday shows the circa 2014 model 911 Porsche Carrera S 991 not giving way to the middle lane after driving onto Victoria Parade in Collingwood. 

The 1992 model Corolla then plows into the front driver’s side of the convertible – causing a pile up as the supercar rams headfirst into a Skoda station wagon waiting in peak hour traffic.  

The Porsche pulling out onto Victoria Parade

The luxury car driving out from a Porsche service centre onto Victoria Parade in Collingwood, Melbourne (pictured)  

A worker from the Porsche service centre then rushes over to check on the luxury car’s driver as another bystander clears debris from the road. 

The clip has attracted more than 1,000 comments with many asking why no one appears to check on the driver of the other car.

‘Of course the Porsche employees run over to check on the peanut Porsche driver,’ one person said. 

‘Why are they checking the Porsche driver? The poor Corolla owner needs checking,’ another person said. 

‘Definitely the Corollas fault, they didn’t read the ‘luxury car owners’ section of the road rules properly,’ added a third. 

‘I’d be so p****d off if I were the Skoda driver. Just sitting there, then BANG hit by a Porsche that was driving at 90 degrees behind you,’ a fourth said. 

The particular model of Porsche sells for around $180,000 secondhand. 

The Porsche is hit by the Corolla

The Porsche is hit by the Corolla

The Porsche is hit by the Toyota Corolla causing the car to smash into a station wagon idling in peak hour traffic (pictured)