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A stunning photographic journey over the peaks of Europe with Johan Lolos

From the snowy slopes of Svalbard in Norway to the Matterhorn in the Alps, a stunning new photography book takes readers on a mesmerising journey around the peaks of Europe.

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Renowned Belgian-born photojournalist Johan Lolos travelled through more than 17 countries and covered over 25,000 miles over a five-month period to get the shots. Overall, he took 27,000 images which he then had to whittle down to 200 for his upcoming tome titled Peaks of Europe.

One of the photos to make the cut shows the top of the Matterhorn cast in a golden light, with the jagged 14,691ft summit reflected in a still pool of water.

Lolos, who boasts more than 466,000 followers on Instagram, says Norway was one of his favourite photography spots and he loved capturing the country’s undulating landscapes bathed in ‘glorious midnight sun’. 

He added: ‘From day one, the goal was to try and stay awake as long as possible, to get used to shooting at night and sleeping during the day.’

Lolos’ book, from Lannoo Publishers, will hit the shelves on July 18 but in the meantime, scroll down for a selection of his breathtaking work… 


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