‘A truly vile idea!’: Morrisons releases festive MINCE PIE sandwich

‘A truly vile idea!’: Morrisons releases festive MINCE PIE flavour sandwich for Christmas and it’s dividing opinion

  • Spice fruit chutney topped with cheese between bread rolls is available for £3 
  • But people have already dismissed it as ‘daft’ and having a ‘crayon-like quality’ 
  • Yorkshire pudding wrap – which hit shelves last year – is also making a return 

Pictured: The mince pie sandwich now on shelves at Morrisons for £3 or as part of a £3.50 meal deal

Morrisons has unleashed a mince pie sandwich on its customers for the festive season that one customer has decried as ‘a truly vile idea’.

The lunchtime treat features spiced fruit chutney topped with Cheddar and Wensleydale cheese in a bread roll.

Following its debut yesterday, the £3 meal deal snack is already dividing opinion among shoppers.

It will be on sale until December 24, but Twitter user @potterwigham has already written it off. 

‘I love mince pies and eat lots of sandwiches but no @Morrisons a mince pie sandwich is a truly vile idea!’

Joe Hurdman agreed, asking whether or not the idea was the result of drug use. And @crimebusterslug said that ‘it’s just a bloody cheese sandwich with posh pickle,’ adding: ‘That’s no mince pie!’ 

A pro-EU account suggested that even a country which backed Brexit in the 2016 Referendum wouldn’t be ‘daft enough to like this’. 

One reviewer has dismissed it as a having a ‘crayon-like quality’ and as simply being a ‘cheese and pickle roll, jazzed up for the festive season’. Holly Willoughby and Philip Schofield tried out the sandwich on ITV’s This Morning today, with their lukewarm conclusion was that they didn’t mind it.

Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield tuck into the festive treat on This Morning today

Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield tuck into the festive treat on This Morning today

Josh Barry wrote at inews: ‘After the first bite, the flavour is relatively inoffensive, but then a waxiness arrives, followed by a raisin-born acridity, and all of a sudden it is as if you are biting into one of those unsold cinnamon candles you find in Debenhams deep into January, its red paper wrapping tired and loose, its tangle of wire stars long past twinkling.’

This sandwich joins the supermarkets’ recently launched Christmas range, which also includes stuffing mince pies and Christmas tree crisps. Making a return is the Yorkshire pudding wrap, which was first launched last year.

Other retailers are getting in on the act, with Sainsbury’s selling a ‘Christmas market’ sandwich comprised of ham hock, pickles, sauerkraut and beer mayonnaise for £3.

Tesco is promoting a Yorkshire pudding wrap containing turkey along with sage and onion stuffing.

Meanwhile, Asda’s bubble and squeak sandwich has vegetable fritters, sage and onion infused bread and spiced chutney.   




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