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A Very Funny Party Game For Horrible People: Cards Against Disney Game

Have you ever wondered what would happen if the Wonderful World of Disney got caught up in the obscene and hilarious world of Cards Against Humanity?! All our childhood heroes and nostalgic classic characters, from Walt Disney, being thrust into the gutter humor of the deviant minds who produced your favorite part game.

Well, wonder no more, as it has finally arrived! Cards Against Disney is the (very) imperfect match between wholesome family fun and lewd, crude, and just plain rude adult entertainment. For all fans of this immensely popular card game, that began as Cards Against Humanity a decade ago, can now test their game skills with Cards Against Disney. This will give you laughs you had never thought possible.

But for all of you deviant card players out there, this is the game that you have all been waiting for. To set your gutter-level minds on to the blemishless Disney characters and see where your twisted mind tales you.

Cards Against Disney will force you to ask questions on some very sensitive subjects: Why was Pinocchio so popular with all the girls? Why Dumbo was loved so much for his long trunk and big ears? Why everyone was searching for the Little Mermaid’s clam? Is there a whole new meaning to the movie, Herbie Rides Again?

For those of you (are there really??) who have never played this game before, the rules for Cards Against Humanity are very simple. You can play the game with a minimum of 4 people or over 20 (if you can find the space) and it will take anywhere from 30 to 90 minutes to complete a game – maybe longer if you all can not stop howling with laughter!.

The card game is separated into two types of cards: those with questions or statements written on them or those with answers. Each player will take it, in turn, to read out one of the question or statement cards while the other players have to choose from one of their own answer cards they have in their hand.

All these cards are secretly placed on the table and the initial player will reread the question or statement card then answer it with one of the cards on the table. After the laughing and crying have died down, the player will repeat the process and go through all the other cards.

The initial player will decide which is the best/funniest answer and all of the other players will pick up an extra answer card. So the eventual winner is the player who has no more cards left in their hand.

Cards Against Disney is the perfect fit for an entertaining evening or games night with your friends. Endless hours of despicable fun and hilarity!

But please don’t mistake this version for others out there on the web. While others are just digital versions of the game which you have to print out yourself. This is a true physical box of cards that is delivered in a very fetching container that comes in black or red.

So what are you waiting for? Make sure you are the hit of the next party night by buying yourself a set of Cards Against Disney.