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A woman’s ‘Macca’s Hack’ goes spectacularly wrong after she trying to eat her burger while driving

Woman’s McDonald’s ‘hack’ goes spectacularly wrong after she tried to eat her burger while driving – with disastrous results

  • A Gold Coast woman’s hilariously messy McDonald’s hack video has gone viral 
  • Lily James said she was told about the hack and wanted to share the wisdom 
  • Video shows her balancing a meal on her drink before her car is covered in food 
  • The video, recently shared on TikTok, has gained 70,000 likes in just 24 hours 

A woman who attempted to film a tutorial video explaining her ‘Macca’s Hack’ has ended up with hilarious results. 

Lili Jay had just visited a McDonald’s drive-thru on the Gold Coast, Queensland and was sitting in a car with her step-daughter when she decided to share her burger wisdom. 

The video begins with her precariously balancing her burger box and fries on top of her drink, demonstrating that she conveniently has one free hand to drive.

Ms Jay (pictured) proudly demonstrating her Maccas hack

Ms Jay (pictured) at the start of the video shared on TikTok the explains her precarious technique 

However, Lily’s tip quickly backfires with her food and her passenger’s food spilling all over them and the interior of her car in seconds, leaving them in hysterics. 

People commenting on the video were shocked at the spectacular food fail. 

‘Glad that’s not my ride,’ one person said. 

The video even caught the attention of the fast food giant, with McDonald’s leaving a comment. 

‘Oh my God, Lily,’ the burger franchise said. 

Shared on TikTok, the video went viral, gaining over 70,000 likes in under 24 hours. 

McDonald's commented on the video (pictured) which has been liked by 70,000 people in 24 hours

McDonald’s commented on the video (pictured) which has been liked by 70,000 people in 24 hours 

Ms Jay has since explained just what exactly happened in the video. 

MS Jay

Ms Jay (pictured) is from the Gold Coast, where the video was filmed 

‘My stepdaughter Amina was in the passenger’s seat, and she was holding the drinks. Her three cousins were in the back, and they’d all ordered drinks and she was holding them.’ Ms Jay told Pedestrian. 

‘I asked her to quickly film the video for me, so she put the drinks on the dashboard and when I went to drive off at the end … they just spilled everywhere.’ 

She said they thoroughly cleaned the car and the next day also took it to a professional car detailer so ‘there’s no smell’. 

She also revealed her car is currently at the mechanics, though it is unclear if the issue is burger related. 

Ms Jay (pictured) showing she has one free hand to drive

People commenting said they were glad this wasn't their car, which was covered in mess (pictured)

Ms Jay towards the end of the video showing she has one free hand to drive (pictured, left) and the results of the balancing act on her car (right)