Abdul Samad ‘was stabbed to death for his iPhone by moped muggers’

Abdul Samad was the victim of two moped robbers who prowled the streets of London stabbing their victims, a court has heard

Two moped muggers stabbed a charity worker to death during a four-hour robbery spree driven by ‘bloodlust,’ a court has heard.

Nathan Gilmaney, 18, and a 17 year-old who cannot be named ‘robbed and maimed’ their way around west London on the night of 16 October last year, a jury were told.

They were both armed with knives and took it turns to threaten victims while the other rode the moped, the Old Bailey heard.

Prosecutor Oliver Glasgow QC described the pair as ‘highway men of the 21st century.’

He told the court: ‘They thought they had the right to threaten and to rob whoever they found. [They] attacked their targets in a brazen and shocking manner, and stabbed their victims often for no other reason than simple aggression and bloodlust.

‘By the end of their four hour spree of violence, they had committed nine knife point robberies, they had gratuitously stabbed four of their defenceless victims.

‘They had killed Abdul Samad, a 28-year-old man whose job as a charity worker had seen him devote his time to helping the very sort of young men who took his life,’ the prosecutor said.

Mr Samad was one of four innocent victims stabbed during the 'bloodlust' robbery spree

Mr Samad was one of four innocent victims stabbed during the ‘bloodlust’ robbery spree

Mr Samad was confronted in Little Venice, seconds after the pair stabbed another man in the stomach for his jewellery and money.

The charity worker was seen handing belongings including his iPhone over to the robbers before the scooter doubled back and the pair shouted at him.

‘He handed something to them but as he did so, Nathan Gilmaney got off the rear of the moped and stabbed Mr Samad in the chest,’ said Mr Glasgow.

‘Nathan Gilmaney then got back on the moped and the two defendants sped off.

‘The wound to Mr Samad’s chest was devastating; it cut through the cartilage of the fifth rib and then passed through the right ventricle of his heart.

‘Mr Samad managed to stagger the short distance to where his family lived but he collapsed outside the door.

‘His parents, who heard his cries, found him bleeding to death outside their home.’

Moped ‘killer’ took off helmet during police chase so they would abandon the pursuit

One of the teenage moped robbers took off his helmet during a police chase so they would abandon the pursuit, a court heard. 

Police tracked down the pair on the moped shorty after 2am on the night of the attacks and chased them, the court heard.

Prosecutor Mr Glasgow said: ‘As the moped accelerated away from the police, weaving about and hitting the speed bumps at speeds of between 40 and 45mph, Gilmaney removed his crash helmet, no doubt hoping to persuade the police to abandon the pursuit.’

But it was decided the need to arrest them justified the risks in continuing the pursuit, jurors heard.

The moped eventually turned into a dead end and they jumped off, and Gilmaney was tackled to the ground.

The younger teen was spotted by a police helicopter as he tried to hide beneath a 4×4 car. 

Jurors heard Gilmaney has already admitted his involvement in the nine robberies and four non-fatal stabbings but denies murdering Mr Samad.

The unnamed youth has admitted his part in the robberies but denies playing any role in the violence that led to four people being stabbed and Mr Samad being killed.

The spree began at around 10.30pm in Maida Vale, where they tried to rob Nazmul Chowdhury.

Mr Chowdhury fled after spotting a knife and was stabbed in the back by Gilmaney as he boarded a bus to escape.

About an hour later, the duo attacked Venezuelan Ehimer Fierro-Berbesi and his aunt Ana as they sat outside their home having a cigarette.

Despite pocketing jewellery and cash, they then stabbed Mr Fierro-Berbesi in the stomach.

Seconds later they came across Mr Samad and again viciously knifed him even after depriving him of his valuables.

‘Whilst the emergency services rushed to Mr Samad’s aid and tried to comfort his traumatised family, [the youth] and Nathan Gilmaney, completely unmoved by what they had just done, prowled the streets looking for another target,’ Mr Glasgow said.

Minutes later they happened across Joseph Denby as he walked in Ladbroke Grove, but he fortunately escaped with his wallet and ‘old Nokia’.

The prosecutor told the court many of those stabbed had already handed over their valuables

The prosecutor told the court many of those stabbed had already handed over their valuables

Juan Perez Buendia was confronted shortly after having stepped off a bus on Ladbroke Grove.

He threw his bag at the robbers’ feet and ran off, also discarding his phone as the pair gave chase on the scooter.

‘By this stage, the two defendants were now carrying the proceeds of five armed robberies and decided to try to sell some of what they had just stolen,’ Mr Glasgow said.

Pictures from the night of his death show the 28-year-old being helped by paramedics

Pictures from the night of his death show the 28-year-old being helped by paramedics

Shortly after 1am, they visited a block of flats off the Harrow Road, and sold some of the items including Mr Samad’s iPhone and foreign currency which had been in Mr Perez Buendia’s bag.

Twenty minutes after leaving, Graipich Vudto was stabbed in the stomach by Gilmaney after refusing to hand over his phone.

Less than five minutes after speeding off, Silverio Pina was stabbed in the arm by Gilmaney before both again fled.

At around 1.15am the pair snatched Natevan Casinova’s mobile straight out of his hand as they roared past him at the junction of Portobello Road and Pembridge Road.

They later punched Shemiqua Moore-Dingwall after she ran away from them. They then stabbed Nelson Aparicio in the stomach after demanding his phone.

Mr Glasgow told the court: ‘The two of them are jointly responsible for what they did since it is the Crown’s case that they had agreed to work together to rob and maim their way round west London.’

Gilmaney, Maida Vale, west London, denies murder. The 17-year-old boy, also of Maida Vale, denies murder and four counts of wounding with intent.

The trial continues.


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