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About 10 wins that made the history

Over the course of the last ten years, when the online gambling industry really started to prosper, there were several wins that made all people around the globe had their jaws being dropped down. No one ever thought that wins, which could be amounted to millions and even a few dozens of millions of dollars could ever happen. More importantly, the wins took place in online casinos but not land-based casinos, as well as such wins, were hit by playing online slots. Indeed, many non uk casino sites but leaked the news in the media actually have made the day and it boosted the confidence of every player that winning a fortune by playing online slots is possible.

Mega Fortune EUR 11.7 million, Norway

This is an astonishing story that took place in 2011 in an online casino called Betsson. In fact, the events that took place were observed by the owner of this casino because everything happened during the night. A young Norwegian could not get asleep and decided to challenge his luck by playing in an online casino. After midnight, it was managed to win over 2 million already. It looked as though it was better to stop but the young man carried on and shortly afterwards the jackpot was hit with EUR 11.7 in his pocket!

Hall of Gods USD 7.6 million, Sweden

The win took place in 2012 in Betsson casino. It specializes in serving Scandinavians and it is still not known who has won the jackpot and whether it was a Swedish man or a Norwegian man. Due to the fact that the winner never told how it was managed to win the fortune, the circumstances of how it was done are not known until the present. However, it is known that the slot has given quite a lot of wins even before.

Mega Fortune USD 24 million, Finland

The win took place in 2013. “I was crying and laughing, crying and laughing” this is how Finn described his feeling. The man was 40 years old and has already seen quite a lot in his life. The most fascinating thing was that the person was not a professional player or a player who spends lots of time laying slots. The man rarely played before going to bed and suddenly luck was on his side as the biggest prize in the history of online casinos was won.

Mega Moolah USD 17.2, Great Britain

The events took place in 2015 min an online casino called Betway. A 26-year-old army soldier was playing slot machines by using the minimum bet size of USD 0.25. It did not take him very long before he has hit the jackpot and won an enormous sum of USD 17.2 million. The man thought that this is a joke as it cannot be the truth. Only when the owner of the casino explained to him what has happened, the gentleman released that his life has changed forever!

Hall of Gods USD 8.73, Sweden

A Swedish woman decided to play a Netent slot machine for fun in 2015, which was becoming very popular at the time. Surprisingly, her first stake was pretty substantial; and amounted to EUR 50.00. The most fascinating thing was that the lady won the jackpot right after making the first and the only one bet. The woman has paid out all her debts and still lives very happily being very comfortable off!

Dark Knight USD 7.86 million, Australia

The events happened in 2016. The slot was very successful and very popular because it was giving away large sums of money to lots of players. The largest jackpot was hit by an Australian man in 2016 and shortly afterwards, the slot was taken out of the casinos. The slot itself has become legendary in the world of gambling and the win by the Aussie has made the news headlines all over the globe.

Mega Moolah USD 7.41, New Zealand

The win was recorded in 2016 in a newly opened casino called Casino Land, which belongs to the sites not covered by GamStop. A New Zealander had an addiction to playing slots and actually was on the brink of being divorced from his wife. Suddenly, he managed to win a huge amount of money, which changed his fortune forever.

Mega Moolah USD 8.6, Greece

The win occurred in a casino called River Belle. The man also had an addiction to playing slots and sent lots of money by playing it. Once upon a time, he has hit a jackpot and won UDF 8.6 million, which was astonishing news. The winner was a man of his middle age and it has to be pointed out that at the time the exchange rate to the US dollar was much higher than it is right now, so it can be said with confidence that the win was much higher than it seems to be at first.

Mega Moolah USD 7.41

The place and the country where the win took place are unknown. It is known that it happened in a casino called Zodiac. At the time, the gambling resource was running a promotion to attract new players as the newcomers had to make the bets equivalent to USD 1.00. Apparently, the winner made one of his first bets in his life by placing the minimum bet and won the fortune!

Mega Fortune USD 9.57, Sweden

A 30-year-old man was playing slots quite a lot. One day, some luck turned to him and he won an enormous amount of money by playing one of the most popular slots. He immediately runs home where he was greeted by his wife who could barely believe what has happened. Despite the fact of being half-naked at night, she demanded to go to the nearest executive car dealer to buy her a new vehicle.


Winning fortune by playing online slots is a genuine opportunity. Jackpots are won regularly and someone’s dreams always come to fruition. No single jackpot was left without being won by someone and all of them were paid out. The above-mentioned jackpots really were recorded in history and it does not mean that something similar is not going to record again. All that player has to do is to play responsively and purely for fun, so one day a lucky day is going to be on their side.