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Acceptable in the Eighties! Parenting website reveals this year’s most popular baby names

Most popular baby names of 2019 so far are revealed by parenting experts – and Eighties classics like Hannah and David are making a comeback

  • British parenting site Baby Centre, reveals this year’s most popular baby names 
  • Classic names from the 80s such as Hannah and David are making a comeback
  • David has soared 15 places to number 60; Hannah now comes in at number 22
  • However Muhammad and Olivia remain the top choices across the UK 

The most popular baby names of the year so far have been revealed and classic names are making a comeback, parenting experts have revealed. 

Monikers that were popular in the Eighties are enjoying a surge in popularity, with David soaring 15 places to number 60.  

Meanwhile Hannah has climbed 11 places, from 33 to 22. Michael and Penny have also seen a boost, placing at number 60 and number 97, respectively.

However none have done enough to break the top 20 and the most popular girl and boy names remaining the same, with Olivia and Mohammad holding onto the top spots. 

The most popular baby names of the year so far have been revealed and classic names are making a comeback, parenting experts have revealed. Stock image 

Archie comes in at number 18, following Harry and Meghan’s new addition in May. 

Lorna Marsh, senior editor at BabyCentre, speculated that parents might be choosing Eighties baby names as a way to cling on to familiarity and stability amidst the uncertainty of today’s political climate. 

‘We are seeing a real rise in strong and stable names, especially those with a 1980s twist,’ she explained. 

‘Whatever anyone’s thoughts on that decade’s politics, they were at least more settled. Perhaps this is why parents of baby Michaels and Maxines are compensating for the current turmoil with solid 80s choices.’  

Top 20 girls names 

1. Olivia

2. Sophia

3. Lily

4. Ava

5. Mia

6. Isla

7. Amelia

8. Freya

9. Isabella

 10. Emily

 11. Aria

12. Evie

13. Grace

14. Isabelle

15. Ella

16. Ivy

17. Sophie

18. Willow

19. Charlotte

20. Elsie 

Top 20 boys names 

1. Muhammad

2. Noah

3. George

4. Oliver

5. Charlie

6. Harry

7. Leo

8. Arthur

9. Jack

10. Freddie

 11. Jaxon

12. Ethan

13. Jacob

14. Theo

15. Oscar

16. Alfie

17. Henry

18. Archie

19. Joshua

20. Thomas 

Penny, Jason, John, David and Hannah are among those identified as being in the stable of reliable first names. 

Lorna also noted the impact climate change has had on baby naming trends, speculating teenage activist Greta Thunberg might be the inspiration by a jump in the number of ‘Gretas’ being born.    

However the recent boost in popularity has not been enough to tip any of them into the top 20. 

At the top of the girls’ chart, Olivia held steadfast to number one while second placed Sophia also remained unchanged from last year. Both were followed by top three newcomer Lily which ousted Amelia. 

Freya stormed up 15 places into the top ten at number eight with Isabella as another new entry, rising three places to number nine. 

For boys, Muhammad maintains its place at number one, meanwhile Oliver loses its second place spot to Noah, followed by George. 

The rest of the top ten was largely stable with no new entries although Jaxon, a meteoric riser last year, narrowly missed out on the top ten after soaring another 13 places to number 11. 



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