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Actress takes aim at American girl who suggested Aussies ‘exaggerate’ their accents

Actress sparks debate after calling out an American girl who suggested Aussies ‘exaggerate’ their signature accents for attention

  • An Australian woman has taken aim at American who says accents are put on
  • The US woman claimed Australians exaggerate their signature accents
  • But the Australian’s fans appeared divided over the accent issue

An American woman has been roasted online after going viral for claiming Australians put on their dinky-di accent for show.

Tay Honey was slammed online after suggesting Australians ‘exaggerate their accents a little bit’ in a recent viral video.

The young American woman, who also came under fire for suggesting people who haven’t been exposed to trauma lack personality, has since made her profile private.


Australian actress Jane Hamilton-Foster hit back against a US woman who claimed the local accent in put on – using her best ‘Aussie’ twang

But not before some agitated Australians could clip up her video and take aim at the sensational allegations.

One of the young woman’s critics is Australian actress Jane Hamilton-Foster who hit back in her best ‘Aussie’ twang. 

‘G’day love, Australian here, we have all got accents don’t we. Yours is pretty f***ing strong,’ she said, letting her broad accent shine.

‘Good on ya.’

And the actresses video appeared to gain support from her fellow Australians.

‘Love how Americans don’t think they have any accents,’ one man laughed in the comments.

‘I wonder if she has heard herself,’ said another.

A third used the hashtag ‘leaveAussiesalone’.

Others said the original woman could have been confused by the combination of a broad accent and Aussie slang.


Do you exaggerate your accent around people from other countries?

  • Yes – and I am Australian 2 votes
  • Yes – but I am not Australian 2 votes
  • No, that’s odd 183 votes

When I went to America no one knew what I was saying!!! Had to tone it down,’ one woman admitted. 

‘I don’t think it takes much to confuse Americans,’ laughed one.

While a voice coach laughed ”We’ve all got accents’ is something I say at least once a day.’ 

Others said they thought the ‘American south’ accent was exaggerated in movies until heading to the southern states.

But others sided with the American.

‘I don’t speak like this Aussie here, not many do,’ one woman said. 

Jane Hamilton-Foster poked fun at the idea of Australians making up accents

Tay Honey, pictured, has mad her profile private after copping flack over the video

Australian Jane Hamilton-Foster poked fun at Tay Honey for claiming Australians put on their signature accent

‘I’m an Aussie, and YES, 100%… when Aussies are put on the spot… they definitely exaggerate their accents,’ one man claimed.

‘When our accent is ‘exaggerated’ around the world with movies and TV shows, I don’t blame anyone who believes it,’ another woman said.

Others were disappointed the original video was made private.

‘Has she deleted her account? Wanted to see the comments on that video but can’t find her,’ one woman said.

‘She has gone private, dead,’ said another.