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Actuators Complete Reference (Types, Attributes, Applications, and Suppliers)

Actuators are mechanical or electro-mechanical devices that allow for regulated and occasionally limited placement or movement. They can be powered by electricity, a manual operation, or a variety of fluids like air, hydraulic fluid, or other fluids.

Rotary and linear motion are the two fundamental motions.

In general, linear actuators are used for positioning applications and transform energy into straight-line motions.

They typically have a push and pull function. A revolving knob or handwheel can be used to manually operate a linear actuator when it is not powered. Energy is transformed into circular motion by a rotary actuator.

Controlling different valves, like ball valves or butterfly valves, is a typical use. Depending on the application, each actuator comes in a variety of designs and sizes and has a range of power settings.

The use of linear chain actuators is stiff chains used for pushing and pulling.

Top Actuator Manufacturers and Suppliers

Do you need to locate the ideal actuator manufacturer or distributor for your project? With data on over 500,000 manufacturers, distributors, and OEMs,’s Supplier Discovery Platform is a comprehensive source of supplier information in the United States. For your information, we have listed the top actuator firms from our database below.

Summaries of Electric Actuator Companies

Erdmann Inc: The Erdmann Corporation, established in 1933 and with its corporate headquarters in Louisville, Kentucky, is a distributor of several actuators valves, and pipe equipment. The business also maintains a valve repair and fabrication operation.

Steam traps, numerous brands of actuators, and numerous more brands of valves and related goods are all available from Erdmann.

 Hansen Automobile: The Hansen Motor Corporation, situated in Princeton, Indiana, was established in 1907 by a watchmaker of German descent. Since then, it has developed into a significant producer of motors, servo motors, and actuators.

They produce about 5,000,000 motors annually and have 200+ employees. They hold certifications for ISO 9001 and 14001 systems. Specific speed, voltage, current, torque, and a number of other options can be used to tailor their products.

AM Equipment, Inc: E-Motion Inc., a corporation based in Eugene, Oregon, started out as an all-electric automation business. Since then, it has grown to encompass a variety of actuator systems, such as vacuum and pneumatic actuators.

They are a distributor that primarily provides service to the Pacific Northwest and carries a dozen distinct product brands. These include Metalwork, Fabco-Air, Fabco-Duravalve, and many others.

 LLC Harmonic Drive: In the early 1960s, Harmonic Drive, LLC produced Strain Wave Gear, a recently patented technology. By 1971, the hermetic seal actuators from the firms assisted in propelling the Lunar Rover, which was piloted by Astronaut Dave Scott and landed on the moon.

Since then, they have created and produced servo-actuators, gears, and other components, both standard and custom. Among their actuators are Both AC and DC versions are available, and they come in a variety of types such as linear actuators, encoders, servo actuators, and others.

Corporation Bishop-Wisecarver: Bishop-Wisecarver, founded in 1950, was the creation of salesperson Ray Bishop and manufacturer Bud Wisecarver. By 1962, Bud had obtained a ground-breaking invention that streamlined the food transportation sector.

In 1967, Bud and Ray combined their businesses to form Bishop-Wisecarver Corp.

BWC’s current area of interest is motion system manufacturing technology. This covers linear actuators, as well as bearings, slides, and guides. Their actuators come in a wide variety of characteristics and applications, ranging from electrical actuators to belt actuators.

North American Baelz: The Baelz brand has its origins in Heilbronn, Germany, and stretches all the way back to 1896.

There, Baelz Automatic is still in business and has In order to supply its valve and actuator products to the North American market, Baelze North America teamed with the company.

Hot oil control valves made of stainless steel and bellow sealed are a specialty of Baelz. Additionally, they offer a variety of electric and pneumatic actuators as well as steam system packages.


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