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Acura’s NSX Special Paint Booth for the Andaro Paint Job

Like most of the top-dollar cars, Acura offers a premium color paint job for the Acura NSX. You can get it in red pearl or blue pearl.

For a total cost of $6,000 for the “Andaro,” you may wonder what leads to the exorbitant costs. The Andaro paint process uses technology that they have coined as nano-particle aerospace innovation.

To sum up the process, they paint additional layers onto the car and use a nano-particle clear coat that will shine.

How Does the Andaro Process Differ?

When we look at how it differs from other paint jobs, the Andaro process uses double the thickness of other paint jobs, and it doesn’t have the extra cost.

Let’s make a comparison. The Andaro paint has an end result that looks like many showroom hot rods or a trophy-winning concept cars. You don’t see this style of high-end paint on the standard production line, and that helps it to stand out in comparison to the others.

What the Paint Department Manager Had to Say

Keith Bullock, the paint department manager for Acura, said that before, they painted their cars without a clear coat or UV inhibitors. They have gradually experimented and learned from the process. As a result, they began to add UV inhibitors and a clear coat. The car will remain for three days in a curing process where it gets inspected to check that everything looks perfect on the car.

“One quick glance at the Andaro package, and you will know that you have special paint on it. It’s worth every penny,” says a spokesperson of Autobody Toolmart, an auto body retailer that offers a variety of paint booths.

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