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Advanced Hotel Surveillance System for Guest Protection.

The best security system protects people and property by ensuring complete facility surveillance, from the basement through the ground level and up seven more floors and then onto the roof. Security cameras are a must for motels, resorts, hotels and lodging. The importance of surveillance cameras is increasing as hotels are seeing a large increase in travelers and max capacity. Hotel guests, employees, staff and the hotel property itself should be under constant security surveillance to ensure the safety of those on the grounds. A well installed hotel surveillance security system can help to protect your hotel or resort and give guests a peace of mind when they stay.

As technology has advanced, so has criminals’ ability to exploit those new technologies. The hotel industry has seen several such examples lately.

  1. Connect IT and Security Departments.

Don’t keep a wall between the information technology and security departments of your property. “The two departments should work together, because security is [vital to] both their jobs,” Clifton says. “Clearly establish how the two departments work together, and they should know where each other’s responsibilities stop and the other begins.” To foster this relationship, some properties place the two departments under the same manager and same budget. And the two departments should conduct regular security meetings, perhaps as often as once a week.

  1. Upgrade to VLAN.

A LAN, or local area network, is a network that connects computers. For many businesses that includes a WiFi access point for customers. However, WiFi that’s directly connected to your property’s servers can pose a risk and provide easy access for savvy hackers. One way to add more cybersecurity is to install what’s called a VLAN, or virtual network. Relatively inexpensive, VLANs often don’t require additional hardware. Installing this software can add another layer of security between your servers and potential hackers. Also, a common feature of VLANs is the ability to set up multiple wireless network names, which can have varying levels of security. Computers used for business and staff can have a high level of security, and guest WiFi networks can have a lower, easy-to-access level of security and be separated from the property’s network.

  1. Video Management Software

Our surveillance solutions are pre-configured with a robust feature suite of advanced monitoring features that can be used to maximize your staff’s efficiency while being automatically alerted to pre-determined criteria based events to improve your security team response time. The insight gained from video management software helps you spend more time keeping your guests happy with their stay.

Customer experience and customer safety go hand-in-hand. It is impossible to deliver an enjoyable experience when systems are not in place to protect customers. Security cameras are less intrusive than hiring security guards, more cost-effective, and can deliver positive return-on-investment within the first-year. When hotels leverage modern video security, this communicates that the hotel values safety and the guest experience. It builds a level of trust that outdated hotels are not able to develop with customers because as technology continues to advance, consumers expect their hotels to advance as well. The hotel surveillance system was installed both on time for the hotel’s opening and on budget. Customers, visitors, staff and the facility are well protected by the surveillance system employing the Arecont Vision Costar cameras as guests enjoy their stay at this modern and stylish new hotel.

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