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Advantages of an ice bath

A hot bath is common to most people; great for relaxing and unwinding after a few busy days. In addition to the hot bath, the cold ice bath has now become wildly popular.

Why would you choose an ice-cold bath, when there is a hot bath waiting for you?

Everyone knows and enjoys the warmth. We would like to introduce you to cold ice baths so that you can soon embrace the cold as well. We would like to tell you more about cold ice baths.

Advantages of an ice bath

Research on cold ice baths is still in progress, but a lot of information about ice baths is already known. For example, many people think that you get sick from the cold in the ice bath, but the opposite is true; you are made sick by a virus.

If you expose your body to the cold environment of an ice bath, you notice how strong your body actually is. The cold temperature strengthens your immune system.

A cold body produces many white blood cells and thus you increase the resistance of your body. High resistance in your body ensures that you are less likely to get sick.

After exercising

Intensive sports bring a lot of heat and sweat. It, therefore, is important to cool down after exercise. Sometimes you do not have the time for an extensive cooling down routine, then it would be ideal to let your body cool down in a quicker way.

This can be done through a cold ice bath. Various studies have shown that by means of a cold ice bath your body will reach its temperature a lot faster. In addition, inflammation in your body is also reduced.

Embrace the cold

A cold ice bath may be an investment for the future, but you will have to get used to the cold environment first. Most households have a shower, we recommend that you embrace the cold by taking a cold shower.

Immediately embracing the cold is a hefty step for most people. You can start by showering normally and then rinsing cold. The temperature is entirely up to you. The colder you turn the shower, the better you will feel afterward.

It is important to pay attention to your breathing. You need to breathe calmly and absolutely not hold your breath. It is important to build this up and to keep going. After two times you will probably not experience any improvements.

Do this routine for a month and then you can decide if the ice bath is right for you.