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Advantages of Laptops for Students

Now that you are in the race (or about to enter), which laptop is the best for you and which are the best laptops under 1000? Here we tell you.

HP Notebook


  • It stands out for being able to be used to play casually. He was able to run Skyrim fluently
  • Solid build quality
  • The touch screen allows you to use some useful applications
  • Three USB ports
  • Good value for money


  • Not the best for multitasking
  • You have some problems with Windows Update
  • The touchpad is passable

This affordable PC is a great buy for those looking for the best student laptops but can’t limit themselves to the simplicity of a Chromebook while on a budget. Its integrated graphics allow you to run light games and edit video at 1080P.

However, with an i3 processor and a 5400 RPM hard drive, it is not the fastest machine on the market. For those who have patience and want a good opportunity, it is a fairly capable computer, and it is a great option if you are looking for student laptops.

Dell Inspiron


  • Good value for money, with quality components
  • The backlit keyboard is a nice touch to use at night
  • The screen offers a sharp and clear image. 1080P videos look great
  • Fast enough to run applications like Photoshop
  • Has a DVD drive


  • Does not allow playing some modern games
  • Startup time is somewhat longer than expected

If you want to go a step further when it comes to student laptops, this Dell Inspiron offers a better processor and a much higher quality screen that boasts 1920 by 1080 (1080P) full HD resolution.

Another great benefit is its backlit keyboard, which allows you to be sure you can see the keys when typing in the dark. However, apart from what has been said, this PC is quite similar to the previous one: it is decent and can be used for multimedia content and games, but it is not especially fast.

ASUS ZenBook

It’s fine for basic use and light photo retouching. For any other use, the performance will be nothing to write home about. Either way, considering its price, it’s one of the best student laptops available on the market.


  • Very fast ignition time of around five seconds
  • Solid build quality with a fantastic screen
  • A great alternative to a MacBook with a cheaper price
  • Includes a slot to read SD cards


  • Some users have uniformity problems in the illumination of the screen
  • A small percentage of users have had reliability issues and had to have their drives replaced

It is clear that the specifications of this PC are similar to those of the Windows computers already described, but it has one key advantage: a 256 GB SSD. This makes a big difference in terms of fast applications.

Although it will cost you the most demanding photo editing and running of modern games, it has a great design and provides a great feeling when using it.

Dell 15.6


  • A solid laptop that allows you to play modern games with decent settings
  • Acceptable for 1080P video editing
  • The screen stands out for its brightness and sharpness
  • Quick start-up time
  • Elegant design
  • Great value for money and solid specs


  • Rare shape – won’t fit in some laptop sleeves
  • Some uniformity issues in the screen backlight
  • The trackpad is nothing to write home about

This PC is a great option for anyone looking for student laptops planning to play games and edit video.

Acer Aspire


  • Allows you to play modern games with decent to good settings
  • RAM and SSD storage can be easily upgraded
  • Good quality sound
  • Good build quality
  • Runs Overwatch and League of Legends well


  • Does not have a CD / DVD drive
  • Some users have problems with the off-center position of the trackpad
  • Include some bloatware

We are facing a quite capable PC. It boasts great sound quality, a good design, plenty of RAM (16GB), and a very solid graphics card.

Therefore, we are facing one of the best laptops for students. It is perfect for people who want a PC at a reasonable price. Another advantage is that it can be easily expanded in case you want to add more RAM or an additional hard drive (256GB can fill up quite quickly).

MacBook Pro


  • Solid performance and Mac reliability
  • Can be used for light gaming and 1080P video editing
  • Macs last longer than PCs, at least 5 years
  • A solid-state drive is fast
  • Attractive design with a sharp screen


  • Does not have a CD / DVD drive
  • Built-in speakers are not good
  • Cannot be updated

Macs are suitable for those who want student laptops with whom they never have a problem. This dual-core MacBook Pro will suffice for video editing (at 1080P) and light gaming, but not much else.

This is an excellent computer if you like Mac OS X and if you want a computer that you never have to worry about, but that is capable of performing basic tasks (and more).

Microsoft Surface Book


  • Fairly light compared to most laptops
  • Great performance and reliability
  • It stands out for its attractive design and fantastic touch screen
  • The graphics card is decent enough to play basic games
  • 12-hour battery life


  • Some users find that the screen is too small
  • RAM cannot be upgraded
  • Not as reliable as a Mac, and just as expensive
  • Updates too often

Microsoft’s foray into the original hardware world is pretty impressive. With a detachable tablet screen that has 75% of the pixels of 4K resolution, it is great for those looking for student laptops with which they can do everything, although unfortunately, it lacks a graphics card.

There is no doubt that it allows you to play games and edit videos, but not particularly well. For anything else, it is among the best student laptops, offering smooth performance and incredible battery life.