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Airtel Lottery Winner Program is Fantastic Chance to Win Cash Prizes

Airtel Lottery Winner Program is India’s biggest game show, also known as Kaun Banega Crorepati Show. This program is a chance for people of all classes and sects to win a massive sum of money as much as one crore. It enables people to make their dream come true. To earn money, there are two ways to participate. Either you can be a contestant at KBC show and answer a series of questions to win up to 1 crore lesser amount. Another way is to participate in an Airtel Lottery Winner program and win with your luck, but the maximum money you can earn this way is 25lacs. Still enough to fulfill any dream you were putting on hold because of empty pockets.

Airtel Lottery Program is Hosted by Famous Celebrity

The game is hosted by well-known celebrity Amitabh Bachan whose personality and persona give much more worth to the show and provides a vast fan base. The fans of the show are provided with the opportunity to participate in a question and answer session and win up to 1 crore or win the prize of 25 lac through airtel lottery winner list or boost your general knowledge while being entertained. The game show commenced in 2000, and since then it has been updating its strategies and rules to keep the audience engaged and excited. The show has launched ten seasons with success and now working on the 11th season. If you are a fan of the show and want to earn a prize but ain’t confident about your knowledge, they buy the latest airtel lottery ticket and let your luck do the work for you. The ending of the show announces the winners.

How to become an airtel lottery winner

Have you finally decided to take a chance and be a millionaire without even moving from your comfy couch? No registration is required to win the lottery if you are an airtel user you are more probable to winning airtel lottery ticket 2019. Just keep recharging your phone to get your name and number picked in KBC Lottery WinnerYou can also buy the tickets by calling the airtel head office. They will not only provide you a ticket number but also give you all the details essential for a lottery holder. For any question or information about airtel lottery ticket contact the  head office through call or by WhatsApp. The number of the KBC head office is 00191-88-444-11

Be aware of Airtel lottery scams

When you get an airtel lottery ticket 2019 number, keep it to yourself. It is a piece of sensitive information and shall not be shared with anyone as it may result in you losing the prize if someone else uses that number and contact the head office first. If you receive any call saying that it is from the KBC team, do not entertain it unless it is from the number mentioned above. Further, if you receive any message asking you to deposit an amount of fee to get registered for purchasing airtel lottery ticket 2019, do not fall for a trap as an individual is not required to pay any charges or get registered to be a part of airtel lottery winner game show.

Get the lottery ticket number and win a prize

Now that you know how and where to get an airtel lottery ticket, it is your chance to win 25lac and make your dreams come true. You can check the number of your lottery tickets on the official website of KBC, The airtel lottery winner list is given on the website, and if you provide the number of tickets and your airtel phone number, it will be easier for you to search if you have won the lottery yet or not.

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