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Alex Zverev vows to give away ALL of the £2.5m Aus Open winning prize if he wins

‘If I win, I am going to donate every single cent’: Alex Zverev vows to give away ALL of the £2.5m Australian Open winning prize to help fight the bushfires if he lifts the trophy

  • Alex Zverev revealed his plan after his first round Australian Open victory
  • The No 7 seed will donate $10,000 (£6,180) for every tournament win he records

Alex Zverev has vowed to donate all of his prize money to the Bushfire Relief Fund if he wins this year’s Australian Open.

And the No 7 seed will also offer $10,000 (£6,180) for every match he wins in the first major of the tennis calendar if he fails to win the tournament. 

Australia has been devastated by bushfires blazing across the country. It has been their worst wildfire season on record with fears that entire species of animals may also have gone extinct as a result.

Alex Zverev will donate prize money won at the Australian Open to help fight the bushfires

Speaking after beating Marco Cecchinato in the first of the Australian Open in Melbourne, Zverev said during his on-court interview: ‘Obviously Australia is a country that is home for us for a month at a time every single year.

‘We heard what is going on with the bushfires, what is going on with the animals and with the people that are losing their homes. I will donate $10,000 for every match that I win here.

‘I know I am not the favourite to win this event but if I win this event, I am going to donate every single cent to the bushfires.’

The Australian Open winner will claim a check for $4.12m, which is narrowly over £2.5m. 

The German will play against unseeded Egor Gerasimov in the second round on Thursday.