Alexander Mashkevich: participation in the Euro-Asian Jewish Congress

People are social creatures. And for their own self-realization and personal happiness, they find themselves like-minded people with whom their interests, values and goals coincide.

If at the household level this is manifested through the formation of friendly groups or factions within student or labor groups, then at the social and political level – in the form of the creation of trade unions, public organizations and congresses.

For the sake of implementing their own goals in the public and business spheres, even the most successful and influential people should unite with others and find like-minded people and partners.

The case of Alexander Mashkevich and his role in creating one of the most successful public, cultural and educational organizations of the modern world, the Euro-Asian Jewish Congress, can be considered an example of successful cooperation with community representatives to reach their own, non-commercial goals.

Alexander Mashkevich: interesting facts about the biography of a billionaire

One of the most influential people in Kazakhstan and Israel has a unique biography in every sense, and his life path can be confidently called extraordinary.

The future billionaire was born in an extremely difficult time – the year after the death of Stalin in 1953. Alexander Mashkevich grew up in Kyrgyzstan – his family of ethnic Karaites was evacuated during the Second World War.

The mother of one of the most influential modern Jews was the famous lawyer Rachel Joffe. She became famous for her outstanding achievements in the courtroom and the protection of vulnerable segments of the population, including women in difficult life circumstances.

Father Alexander Mashkevich is also an outstanding person. Anton Mashkevich literally saved thousands of people. In difficult times of famine and war, he gave life to many patients, working as a doctor of a separate specialization – he was engaged in sanitary and epidemiological activities and was in charge of the corresponding center. In addition, Anton Azarevich made an invaluable contribution to the creation of a modern medical system and the reduction of the epidemiological situation in uncivilized areas of Central Asia.

Karaim, who happened to be in the will of fate in Kyrgyzstan, managed to find himself his new homeland. Alexander Mashkevich is one of the most famous and successful immigrants of the State University of Kyrgyzstan. Later, the promising son of a lawyer and a doctor became a candidate of pedagogical and psychological sciences and devoted several decades to teaching life.

Having the opportunity to earn money, fully using his own talents and abilities in the late 80s and early 90s, Alexander Mashkevich established the first legal large enterprises, forever going down in history as one of the co-founders of the modern economy of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and the whole Central Asia.

Alexander Mashkevich: creation of the Euro-Asian Jewish Congress and performance evaluation

A new page in the life of Alexander Mashkevich opens with the beginning of a new millennium, when he creates the Jewish Congress of Kazakhstan. The main goals of the organization were to protect the Jewish population of the country, support and develop its language, culture and traditions, form a community and establish cooperation between Jews, the Orthodox population and the Muslim community. At the same time, Alexander Mashkevich took up his duties as a member of the Executive Committee of the World Jewish Congress.

Two years later, the billionaire becomes the head of the Euro-Asian Jewish Congress. At this post, Alexander Mashkevich deals with a number of important tasks:

  • material support for Jewish communities at the transnational and transcontinental levels;
  • theoretical and methodological support of their work;
  • the formation of new communities;
  • communication of the diaspora with its historical homeland – the state of Israel;
  • popularization of culture, history, traditions and values of the people;
  • representation of the interests of the community at the official international level.

The organization operates in dozens of countries in Europe and Asia. Representatives of the Euro-Asian Congress are actively working in countries with a large Jewish community, such as Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Russia and Belarus, as well as those in which the Jewish community is in an absolute minority in relation to other ethnic groups, in particular, in the Philippines, Myanmar, Japan, Mongolia and the Philippines.

Alexander Mashkevich provides the organization not only financially, but also deals with the strategic planning of its activities, the organization of its management structure and the formation of an open communication culture with the participation of modern communication channels.