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Amongst the wide range of snacking options available, there is no better and healthier alternative than the mighty crepes.

Often presented as a thinner and bigger version of pancakes, crepes roots run back to northwest France where this delicious food item was first created. So many years have passed since its inception and yet crepe continues to remain one of the most sought out dishes available under French menu.

However, this doesn’t in any way mark the monopoly of France over the scrumptious varieties of this amazing dish which is being diced out at various restaurants located all across the world. The popularity has grown so much that crepes have officially entered the realms of staple diets at many places.

If you have been looking for some crepes in London, Southbank Center Food Market and Primrose Hill Market are both famous for the restaurants dealing specifically in authentic crepe dishes. Vegan alternatives are also available with a number of filling options.

Let’s dig a bit deeper and try to get to know our favourite crepes!

What Is a Crepe?

There cannot be a more apt definition than the crepes are a thinner version of pancakes which happen to be much more versatile and healthier.

Major ingredients of crepe include the flour (you may choose the whole wheat or buckwheat flour), milk, eggs and butter. All these ingredients are mixed well to form a batter which is then rolled out and made to cook over a flat pan. Any flat pan can be used, however, pans especially for cooking crepe are easily available as well.

You can have crepe in breakfast, lunch, dinner or for in between snacking too.

Breakfast crepes are usually sweet and are stuffed with jams, wholesome and chopped fresh fruits, whipped cream, honey and dry fruits. These are sometimes sprinkled with fine sugar of a dash of Nutella scoop to enhance the taste.

Speaking of savoury crepes, you can load them with a host of veggies, lean meats and choicest of sauces to make an interesting concoction. They are ideal to consume during the lunch or dinner time but you can also pick one for your evening or afternoon snacking.

It’s the versatility that the crepe offers in reference to the fillings options, is what that differentiates and even puts it ahead of pancakes.

History of Crepes

2nd of February is the day of the feast of Candlemas. It is a significant day from the perspective of the Catholic Church. The same day is also celebrated as the ‘National Crepes Day’. This event is widely celebrated all over France and everyone makes crepes as a symbolism of peace and prosperity.

As part of the customary French traditions and famous folklore, you are supposed to toss the crepe in the air using the pan in your right hand while at the same time you need to flip a gold coin in your left. If you manage to do both with absolute finesse, you’ll be bestowed with a streak of good luck and prosperity.

While the crepes are indeed linked with France, yet there are many other countries where a similar delicacy is loved and savoured by all. For example, Japan has its own version of sweet crepes which are popular as street food.

Similarly, Argentina and Uruguay also have one of their own called ‘Panqueques’.  While in Brazil, they are termed as ‘Panquecas’.

In the UK, however, we call them Crepes only. If you want to get a good crepe in London, do not miss out to check the authentic crepe restaurants in the famous markets of Southbank Center Primrose Hill. Happy munching!

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