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Tesol and Tefl are both online English teaching certificates for people who want to teach English in native and non-native countries in the world. Both these courses serve different processes and results. In this blog, we have looked upon all the apparent differences between Tesol and TEFL. As an English tutor, it will be easier for you to decide which one to go for in your career after reading this blog. Explore International Open Academy For TESOL and TEFL courses.


Tesol stands for teaching English to speakers of other languages. Tesol certification helps English tutors to teach English in both native and non-native English countries. Tesol provides a broader range of English teaching opportunities.

Let’s understand by example: A student comes abroad to an English-speaking country. TESOL teachers help students communicate in English with their daily activities like shopping, talking with locals, ordering food at restaurants, understanding the local slang & talks, improving their speaking English, etc.

Tesol also provides opportunities to teach in other countries as an English tutor. In non-speaking English countries like Korea, China, India, & many more, you will be hired as an English tutor for their students/employees. With TESOL certification, you can teach English in an English country & also in a non-speaking English country.TESOL courses split their concentration between educating EFL and ESL language students and can make your preparation less determined.

Tesol certification & course

For English speakers, you need to sign up for TESOL online courses with basic knowledge requirements. For non-speaking English people, they have to pass the recommended English level from CEFR ( common European framework of reference ) to sign up for the TESOL certification course. You can enroll in IOA for TESOL certification. With a TESOL certificate, you can land a job in a foreign country or an English native country as a tutor in school/college.

Course specification & duration

Each Tesol course provider has its own sets of standards regarding English level.

The Tesol courses program ranges from 40 hrs to 120 hrs of completion according to your flex time. It depends upon you how much time you complete the whole syllabus.

You can take courses online / also through one-to-one personal Tesol traditional classes locally or in the country where you want to teach.

Tesol courses include critical reading ,classroom discussion , class management ,case studies , live interaction ,video conference ,group assignments ,projects & assessment .

Pricing of Tesol certificate

TESOL certificate course costs vary from $200 to $1000, depending upon how you take the classes online or in person. The hour difference you get through different online TESOL courses includes tutor interaction and the diverse program.

You have to pay $200 for a minimum of 40hrs of TESOL course certification, $400-$500 for 100hrs of TESOL online courses certification.

University-level online training or classroom-based TESOL certification costs nearly between $1000-$2000 for a professional tutor.


Tefl stands for Teaching English as a foreign language. It also refers to teaching English to non-native speakers in foreign countries, where English is not a primary language.

People who want to teach English in abroad need a TEFL certificate.TEFL certification is required for teaching English in non-native English countries. It would help if you had a bachelor’s degree and TEFL certificate to be an English tutor in a foreign country .countries like china .korea, japan, Thailand, and many more have a considerable demand for English teachers for their people. There are more than 2 billion English learners on the card by 2021. By this figure, You can understand the demand for English tutors in the world.

TEFL certificate

There are three ways you can get the TEFL certification

  • Online TEFL courses: online TEFL certification is available on many educational bodies sites like; international TEFL academy, ACTDEC, ACCET, Cambridge university, & Trinity university.
  • In-person TEFL courses; you can get a personal TEFL course completion certificate by studying in the organization. It generally takes 4-6 weeks of course completion.
  • TEFL courses abroad; you can enroll online on TEFL courses abroad through educational sites to get a TEFL certificate.

TEFL courses details

TEFL course duration is generally from 20hr -120 hr of completion. Tefl courses include a variety of teaching specifications to become a professional English tutor abroad. Here are some stages of systems you need to understand.

  • Teaching the English language; you get all the information & instruction about English language learning like reading, writing, speaking, pronunciation, & accent understanding.
  • Plan lessons: prepared lessons that meet the English language learning criteria of ELS effectively
  • Classroom management: How to teach & manage the classroom with your teaching style in positive manners for student
  • Learning style adaption; teaching in a way that student can easily pick up English language
  • Making learning material; building English notes, digital pdf, hard copy, finding new techniques & personalized text to teach English effectively & efficiently to all students.

Online TEFL courses take 120 hr of completion to get the certificate.

In-person courses take 10-12 weeks of completion. It depends upon students/learners on how much time they can complete the whole syllabus.

TEFL prices & Job opportunity

TEFL course prices start from $150-$1500 depending upon the university you enroll. Generally, a 120 hours online TEFL course with a tutor costs around $300-$600 for full TEFL course certificate completion.

Job opportunities are high in demand in this sector. With global communication increasing every day, the English language is becoming essential for every nation worldwide. The avg salary of English tutors in non-native English-speaking countries is around $700- $1200 per month. Countries like China, Japan, Mexico, Spain & Argentina, UAE & Qatar have high demands of English tutors in their country with full accommodation.

Which is better: TEFL OR TESOL?

Tefl gives you a chance to teach English abroad as an English tutor in non-native English-speaking countries.

While TESOL gives you a broader opportunity to teach English in native & non-native countries as an English tutor

If you want to teach abroad, then TEFL is an excellent option for you.

If you want to teach English in countries like the UK, USA, CANADA, or in English-speaking countries, TESOL is an excellent option.