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All You Need To Know About End Of Tenancy Cleaning

By John Williams

Recently, I had an appointment for the end-of-tenancy cleaning in my one-bedroom flat, and it was incredible. If you’re thinking of getting end-of-tenancy cleaning services when you move out of a rental property, I would highly recommend it. These cleaning services take so much of the stress of moving off of your plate.

When I and my partner decided to move out of our flat, we had about a month to get sorted. We packed up everything we didn’t need in that month and stored in it my dad’s garage, and then we got to cleaning the flat. We quickly realized how difficult cleaning it was going to be.

We have a dog, so we needed to clean the carpets really well, and we also wanted to leave the flat in excellent condition as it had been renovated just before we moved in. This was when we decided to use an end of tenancy cleaning service because the thought of cleaning it to the highest standard possible by ourselves was way too stressful.

The Simple Rules Of End Of Tenancy Cleaning

As the tenant, there are a few things you need to do before the end of tenancy cleaning takes place. Don’t worry; these are things you’ll already need to do and don’t take any more time, but it’s worth knowing these now.

Remove Everything

Anything that isn’t your landlord’s needs to be removed before the end of the tenancy cleaning team gets there. This means beds, sofas, fridges, washing machines, everything. We booked our end-of-tenancy clean for the day after we picked up the keys to our new place. This meant we moved everything out the day before and had a place to store our stuff.

Tell Them The Cleaning Services You Need Before Your Appointment

As we had a dog, we knew we needed our carpets cleaned, so we let the end-of-tenancy cleaning service know. For a small additional fee, they took care of the carpets for us too.

The carpets in our place were brand new when we moved in and when we moved our sofa we were shocked to find how different they were after a year and a half. Carpet cleaning is definitely a good idea during the end of tenancy cleaning!

Check Your Rental Agreement

When we moved into our flat, our rental agreement was pretty simple. However, after six months, we convinced the owner of the flat to let us have a dog. We had to sign a new agreement for a year.

This new agreement also stated that we would get the flat professionally cleaned (something we forgot about when we began cleaning the flat ourselves). Not all rental agreements will state you need to get it professionally cleaned, but some will. Some may also state that you must clean all the upholstery, for example.

Get Everything Repaired Before The Clean

Any repairs make a mess. We had a few touch-ups we needed to do to the paintwork on our flat, and we did these about a week before the clean. This means that once the flat has been cleaned, it will stay clean.

Why Use End Of Tenancy Cleaning Services?

I can say from experience that using end-of-tenancy cleaning services made moving out of my flat much less stressful. The cleaning team arrived on time and, in just a few hours, made the flat look brand new again. They even let us know that we forgot to clean the oven and did that for us too (with an additional charge, but they saved our butts).

End of tenancy cleaning teams know exactly what to look for and know every area to clean. They often have a list that landlords and estate agents use to check properties that are being handed over. The end-of-tenancy cleaning team uses this list to ensure that tenants get as much of their money back as possible.

When our landlord arrived, they were so pleased with the clean flat we had left behind, and we were nice and relaxed in our new house. When we move out of this house, we will use end-of-tenancy cleaning services again because it made everything so much easier.

If you’re in London and you need an end-of-tenancy cleaning team for your rental property, get in touch with Cleaning Express. They can be with you tomorrow and get your rental property looking perfect for your landlords!