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All you need to know how to play at a Japanese online casino?

Plan to Play at A Japanese Online Casino?

Here’s All You Need to Know About the Industry

Japan is a country with an impressive culture that most people struggle to understand. On one side, the Japanese are known for their stringent rules of etiquette and professionalism, but on the other hand, these are the people that set the trends when it comes to cool gadgets and amazing tech. Still, when the Japanese are set on a specific industry, that industry is going to boom in the following years.

The same has happened with the online casino industry, which was banned for a long time in Japan. Back in the day, the Japanese were only permitted to bet on specific sports events, such as bicycle racing and horse riding. In time, motorbiking and boat racing were also added to the list, but that was all that was available for people in Japan to try their luck on.

Things seem to have changed, however, thanks to one little allay – the internet. While land-based casinos are not available in Japan, gambling enthusiasts can still play casino games online using one of the available platforms. Casinos such as Vera and John casino have gone very far to accommodate Japanese players, providing Japanese-translated websites and various opportunities for players in Japan.

If you are looking to play at a Japanese online casino, there are a few aspects to keep in mind. Below, we will explore the options Japanese players have when it comes to gambling games, so keep reading to find out more.

A traditional Pachinko is still a popular option

While the Japanese can’t enjoy typical casino games such as roulette, poker, or slots, which are gaining more and more popularity recently, they have the traditional Pachinko, which has been a national favorite for a very long time. Pachinko can be found all over the country, in entertainment venues and not only, and is a combination between slots and pinball machines.

While not as entertaining as the games you can find in online casinos such as Vera and John casino, Pachinko is legal to play in Japan, capitalizing on people’s needs for gambling games. The game may have lost a bit of popularity in the past years, mostly because people are more enthusiastic to try a recommended online casino slot at Vera and John casino, but Pachinko is still a fan-favorite in Japan.

In 2018, Pachinko netted $190 billion, and if you take into consideration other legal gambling options as well, such as sports betting and national lotteries, the gambling industry in Japan seems to be doing very well. With this in mind, it will only be a matter of time until the government is going to broaden the options Japanese players can enjoy.

The casino industry in Japan

Up until 2018, Japanese players only had contact with land-based casinos when visiting foreign countries. Still, starting in 2018, the country made it possible for specific types of land-based gambling venues to appear, mostly due to the demand the government received from people inside the country.

Another reason why the government agreed to allow these venues to open is that it was believed it would boost tourism and give foreigners a new reason to visit the country. If land-based casinos are fully regulated, they can be made part of entertainment resorts and increase revenue for businesses and the country alike.

Still, it may take some time until we will be finding fully legal land-based casinos in Japan, so the only way people in the country can enjoy their favorite games still remains online. Because the internet provides unlimited options for Japanese players, it is very important to understand how to find a reliable online casino to play at, but more on that below.

Online casinos are the only way to fully explore the market

Japanese laws may be a bit stringent when it comes to gambling in the country, but the online environment is a free world with very few limitations. This is why many online casinos provide options for Japanese players as well. You heard us mentioning Vera and John casino a few times, and that’s because they provide a reliable platform for Japanese players, and their website is fully translated.

If you want to explore online casinos, there are a few things to keep in mind to ensure you find a trustworthy platform that cares for the player and offers a positive gambling experience.

The most important thing you need to check for is the deposit and withdrawal options because you don’t want to not be able to enjoy your winnings when the time comes. Next, look at the bonuses these casinos provide, as these bonuses can bring a real advantage and increase your winnings.

Make sure the platform behaves well, and you don’t need to lose precious time waiting for games to load or, worse, having your favorite game crash right when you’re in the middle of a winning spree.

Before you go on and open an account, make sure you read online reviews and feedback from other players. For example, to get a better perspective, read this Vera and John casino review by online casino expert and do so for any other casino you find. This will help you form a more informed opinion and choose a casino that suits your needs and is trustworthy.

What does the future bring?

Given the changes that have just happened in 2018, we think it is safe to assume that it will only be a matter of time until casinos are fully regulated in Japan. Land-based casinos can be a good way to attract tourists, just as the government considers, but also to satisfy the needs of many Japanese players.

Online casinos can also bring a new stream of revenue to the country, so we think the government will find a way to regulate these as well, following western models and providing more entertainment opportunities for Japanese players.