Alligator Skin iPhone Case: Best Tips on Choosing the Best One

All Apple products are not just technology but something more. The iPhone is not just a means of communication but an indicator of the wealth and status of its owner. To protect iPhones from dust, moisture, and scratches, cases are used. The French manufacturer Labodet makes unique premium solutions, such as an alligator skin iPhone case.

Define the Purpose

iPhone cases are presented on the market in a variety of materials, form options, and protection types. It’s important to identify the qualities you need to find the perfect case.

If you, for example, work in a construction company or factory, then choose a hardcore-type case. It will provide maximum protection against hits and falls. But these cases are heavy, huge, and do not look elegant.

Double card cases are more suitable for businessmen. These cases are thin, look prestigious, do not take up much space, but, at the same time, they allow you to always keep not only your phone but also the most important credit cards or business cards close at hand. However, they provide less protection than a hardcore type.

So, you should define the case according to your lifestyle.

Pitch Upon the Type

Currently, there are dozens of iPhone case types. They differ in the degree and zoning of protection.

The classic case is the most common type. It does not take up much space, is slim, and looks neat on the phone. Usually made of plastic, silicone, or leather (artificial or natural). The main disadvantage of this type is the insufficient protection of the front panel of the device.

The folio (flip) case looks massive, prestigious, and attracts attention. Full coverage protects both the front and rear. However, due to the peculiarities of the mount, dust and dirt can enter through the open sidewalls of the case and scratch the surface of the phone.

The MagSafe case has a built-in magnetic field to properly align the phone to the wireless charger. The centered phone provides faster charging with up to 15 watts. Besides, the case has an extra seal around the phone’s camera to better protect that area.

The strap case looks bright and stylish. It can be made in various color combinations and textures. A special strap on the back of the case provides a comfortable and secure hold.

Choose the Material

Cases for iPhones can be made of different materials: plastic, silicone, metal, artificial leather, or genuine leather. One of the best options is a leather case. It looks prestigious and stylish, has many textures and colors, and lasts several times longer than its plastic or silicone competitor. The leather case is less prone to scratches, and it absorbs moisture.

Labodet is a French manufacturer that produces genuine leather iPhone cases and other Apple leather goods. Due to the unique Parisian technology, all the items have a special stylish look haute couture. There, you can find both classic cases crafted of calfskin and exotic python, crocodile, ostrich, and alligator skin.

Alligator Skin Variants

Alligator skin iPhone cases are the most popular options on the website. They emphasize the status and underline the individuality of the owner. They are available in up to 10 color variations depending on the case type. Moreover, you can choose the material of the furniture (black PVD platting, steel, or gold).

There are classic, strap, card, double card, MagSafe, crossbody, pouch, and flip alligator skin cases. They match any device type. So, you may choose the case that suits you best. The prices range from €399 to €900. The Labodet online store provides free shipping all over the world within 3-7 business days.

Pitch on the quality manufacturer and use these tips to choose the best iPhone case.