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Amazing Security Systems Complementing Modern Living in 2020

Quoting Sinclair, “personal security is excessive up to a point when it’s barely enough.” Did you know that FBI reports state that there is a break-in incidence every 30 seconds in America? We can only speculate how this figure has risen with the current wave of unrest and riots during the Covid-19 pandemic.

For proactive home and business owners, staying updated to the latest security systems suited to their business environment, place of residence, and even automotive needs, keep them a couple of steps ahead from any emergency. It is also a cost-effective way to avoid losses. Using your mobile phone you can monitor any security breach by getting instantly a response on your cell.

Securing an impregnable security system used to be quite a hustle involving ridiculous prices when making a purchase and installation, as well as the cumulative maintenance fees. The good news is that today’s security industry is nothing like it used to be. It’s much more competitive. Presently, there is a wide range of innovators, service providers, and retailers offering top solutions at very competitive prices. The modern security systems can be self-monitored with smart devices from anywhere you are, and any break-in instantly sends a notification to your phone. Let us go through the most advanced security systems in 2020.

SimpliSafe 8-Piece Wireless Home Security

This affordable DIY residential security system features multiple configurations based on your security needs. You have many options to browse when considering a residential design. You can also buy additional sensors and add-ons to increase the system’s efficiency for commercial use. Once installed, you will have a user-friendly numeric keypad for easier navigation on the base station and a powerful siren system. The standard version comes with five sensors; four installed at the doorway and an additional motion sensor.

Many users prefer the SimpliSafe because of its wide range of add-ons. One can incorporate a smart video doorbell, a water sensor, cameras, temperature sensors, and even a smoke and CO detector. With this range of sensors, you get early alerts on even secondary security issues like pipes in poor conditions that could freeze in the coming winter. Other add-ons supported by the sophisticated system include additional sirens, key fob controllers, extra keypads, and many other features. With such a complete security system, you are adequately sorted out for commercial and residential needs with either professional monitoring or self-monitoring, depending on the security threat level.

Best Security System for Smart Homes

The Abode iota All-in-One is the most advanced all-in-one security kit and most recommendable for modern smart homes. The complete package has a siren, camera, key fob, speaker, window or door sensor, and microphone. It is installed at a central location to best capture all activities on your premises. The system fits perfectly in smart homes is its programmable IFTTT aspect and easier integration with Alexa or Google Assistant. The system is the first of its kind when considering compatibility. It does not only pair with over 160 smart home devices from different brands but also works perfectly with Apple HomeKit.

The ADT Commercial Grade Security System

This is a futuristic product from a reputable brand that works like clockwork to coordinate commercial enterprises’ security. The distinguishing feature for ADT that gives it an edge over competitor brands is the cybersecurity customization features. It also offers a stellar response to physical security breaches. The system’s developers are so confident that they are willing to grant every customer an extended trial period to test the security system’s efficiency.

All its features include burglar protection, video surveillance, automation, environmental alerts, and, as mentioned earlier, cybersecurity. For automation, ADT allows you to coordinate security installations, for instance, controlling locks with remotes and so much more. The smart remote control aspect can be executed using the system’s app for smartphones, or the user can opt for voice command by integrating ADT to Google Assistant or Alexa. Adding to the list of great attributes, the security system has an expandable ecosystem that can support extra security gadgets from Z-Wave.

Modern security systems capable of providing cybersecurity consider advanced criminals who specialize in hacking an enterprise’s computer back end to steal digital assets. You can never be too safe with cybercriminals! There are many loopholes they can exploit in your work environment, such as colluding with your employees and using their company credentials to gain access to the system. The ADT cybersecurity is configured to protect your business’ computer system from any digital threat, including malicious viruses and ransomware.

These are only a few suggestions with a tremendous response in today’s market. The price range for the described security systems’ professional monitoring is also budget-friendly, but they still offer excellent service when self-monitoring.


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