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Amazon’s ‘fantastically gross’ bestselling foot peel mask is now on sale for £7 off today

Amazon’s ‘fantastically gross’ bestselling foot peel mask that SHEDS hard, calloused skin is now on sale for £7 off today

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Similar to pimple-popping videos, foot-peel mask videos have reached stratospheric levels of popularity, with millions of people tuning in to the gross but strangely satisfying beauty trend.  

While it may seem like a fad, thousands of Amazon shoppers have tried the trend out for themselves after investing in the Plantifique Peach Feet Peeling Mask, and the results speak for themselves. 

With over 11,800 reviews and scores of impressive before and after photos, the foot peel mask has become a cult beauty buy for those looking to remove calluses and cracked feet from the deepest layers of the skin. And right now, you can snap them up for £7.33 off the RRP, as a pack of two is on sale for £11.62.

The hugely popular Plantifique Peach Feet Peeling Mask with over 11,000 Amazon reviews is now on sale for an impressive 39 per cent off

Satisfyingly gross foot peel masks have gone viral on TikTok for their ability to transform dry, calloused and rough feet within the week. 

With over 8,300 flawless five-star reviews, the Plantifique Peach Feet Peeling Mask is seriously worth taking notice of if you’re looking to try out the trend for yourself and remove stubborn dry, hard skin. 

The at-home foot exfoliator is so effective that shoppers have taken to leaving reviews in their thousands and even documenting their results with graphic before and after photos.  

Formulated with a blend of vegan-friendly ingredients, all-natural salicylic acid and lactic acids, the foot peel effectively breaks up the dead skin cells to slowly remove hard, thick skin on the surface. You’ll peel like a lizard, but the results are worth it.

All you have to do is soak your feet in water for 10 to 15 minutes and then put on the pair of socks for 90 minutes.

The real magic begins after about five to seven days when your feet will start to peel. Gross but hugely satisfying, it works at the deepest layer of the skin to remove calluses, smooth, cracked heels and leave your feet baby soft. 

Users, some of which have shared photo evidence to show these masks actually work, are obsessed with how effective it is, calling it ‘so satisfying’, ‘extremely effective’ and ‘the most amazing product ever’ for baby soft feet. 

Shoppers say it 'works like magic' to remove hard skin, leaving your feet super smooth and soft

Shoppers say it ‘works like magic’ to remove hard skin, leaving your feet super smooth and soft

One impressed shopper left a glowing five-star review for the Plantifique Peach Feet Peeling Mask, writing: ‘I had some stubborn cracked heels. Used this once, and the improvement was amazing, so tried it again, and I can quite easily say I cannot recall my feet being so smooth and comfortable!

‘Beware, your feet will peel like you’re a leper for a month, but it’s so worth it. 11/10.’

Another agreed, adding: ‘This was crazy!! I saw this advertised on TikTok and YouTube. People were raving about it and how much it made your feet soft and how much dead skin it removed. I can 100% confirm those rumors are true! 

‘Peeled off loads of dead skin for me,’ they went on to write. ‘The after math is amazingly soft though. I will be using the second pack soon as I think it might take both packs to fully get baby soft feet.’

A third penned: ‘Feet skin peeled and left them so much softer. Heels pink for the first time in many years. Added bonus was the great fun picking all the skin off!’