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America Idol 2018 Spoilers: Top 24 Contestants Revealed

  • American Idol returned to TV for season 16 two years after it was canceled at Fox
  • The season kicked off on March 11, 2018 with the audition part of the competition
  • Thus far, American Idol viewers have seen one of two Hollywood week shows
  • Warning: Spoilers ahead for season 16 of American Idol 

On March 25, 2018, American Idol headed for the Hollywood hills where the contestants showed judged Katy Perry, Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan their vocal chops yet again.

Soon it’ll be time to start cutting the cast down, sending hopeful musicians packing. Competitors will have to go through the gauntlet, surviving the green mile and multiple elimination rounds, if they hope to make it to the American Idol finale.

In the end, there can only be one winner. While it’s anyone’s guess who that may be, we have some idea of how the cast will thin out thanks to spoiler site, which managed to sort out which contestants will make it to the American Idol top 24.

The competition on season 16 of American Idol on ABC is heating up as elimination nears

So who will the season 16 semi-finalists be? Here’s the scoop.

American Idol season 16 top 24

  • Shannon O’Hara
  • Michelle Sussett
  • Brandon Diaz 
  • Caleb Hutchinson
  • Adam Sanders
  • Mara Justine
  • Maddie Poppe
  • Cade Foehner
  • Layla Spring
  • Dominique Posey
  • Kay Kay Alexis
  • Dennis Lorenzo
  • Jurnee Siani
  • Jonny Brenns
  • Effie Passero
  • Michael Woodard
  • Catie Turner
  • Marcio Donaldson
  • Amelia Harris 
  • Trevor McBane
  • Alyssa Raghunandan
  • Gabby Barrett
  • Trevor McBane 
  • Garrett Jacobs 

When is American Idol on TV?

American Idol airs on ABC every Sunday and Monday at 8pm ET. Each episode runs until 10pm ET.

When is American Idol finale? 

After the showcase rounds, the live shows will start and take place over five consecutive weeks, from Sunday, April 22. The finale airs on Monday, May 21.