American university students struggle to answer basic geography questions as one claims the capital of France is Rome and another says Iraq is in Scandinavia

A group of American students have caused a storm on TikTok after revealing their limited knowledge on Europe.

Mathilda Andre, from Sweden, who is an exchange student at Michigan University, asked her new classmates several simple questions about geography. 

She asked her American peers general knowledge questions, such as: ‘What is the capital of Germany?’

In an unexpected turn, the students were unable to answer the questions, with one claiming the capital of Germany is France and another stating that Iraq is a Scandinavian country.

The video, which has amassed over three million views, has sparked surprise on TikTok, and one questioned: ‘Is geography illegal in American schools?’

Mathilda Andre has caused a storm online after asking her peers (pictured) at a Michigan-based school basic questions on European geography 

Taking to TikTok, Mathilda asked her peer: ‘What language do they speak in Europe?’ The question was misleading from the get-go, but the interviewee did not notice and replied: ‘European’.

She eventually came to realise the correct answer and added: ‘Wait no, a bunch of different languages.’

Next, Mathilda asked a different friend: ‘What’s the capital of Germany? She confidently replied: ‘France.’

Another interrupted and tried to answer the question: ‘Hamburg’, she said. Then, she questioned herself and added: ‘Is that right?’

Mathilda went on to ask a different student: ”What language do they speak in Russia?’ Looking confused, she replied: ‘I know this’, as she pondered her answer.

She finally said: ‘Russian’. When Mathilda confirmed her answer as correct, she replied: ‘Wait, really?’

Mathilda changed to a different location and asked a student: ‘What’s the capital of France?’ Another quickly chimed in and said: ‘Why would we need to know that?’

The person Mathilda asked the question to looked puzzled before he responded and said: ‘Is it Rome?’

Mathilda asked her peers several simple questions, including: 'What is the capital of Germany?'

Mathilda asked her peers several simple questions, including: ‘What is the capital of Germany?’ 

The final question saw Mathilda ask a friend: ‘What’s the capital of Norway?’ She replied: ‘Sweden’.

Confused at her answer, Mathilda asked her a different question to assess her knowledge: ‘Name some Scandinavian countries,’ she said.

Her friend replied: ‘Isn’t Scandinavia a country?’ When Mathilda said no, her friend answered: ‘Iraq’.

The video quickly sparked outrage on TikTok, with viewers shocked at the lack of knowledge.

One said: ‘Genuine question, if this is the education level, how do they get into super prestigious colleges like Harvard?’

A second added: ‘As a millennial, these facts are burned into my brain. The way we learned in school is vastly different than how this generation learns now. It’s worrisome.’

A third wrote: ‘Now I feel like I would get in Harvard. A fourth questioned: ‘Is geography banned in the US?’

Viewers took to the comment section to express their thoughts on the video, and many were shocked

Viewers took to the comment section to express their thoughts on the video, and many were shocked

It comes after an American TikToker has shared all of the things she loved about Europe on her trip to France, Spain and Italy.

She previously faced backlash for her first video, where she slammed all the things she disliked.

The TikTok by @thestrawberryannie has been seen by over 216,000 people – her previous one where she complained about not enough sauces and no free water was viewed by 4.8 million.

She explained ‘After I posted that video about the things that I didn’t like about Europe, so many people were like ‘I’m never travelling again’ so I made a list about all of the things I did like about Europe.’

The first thing to receive praise from the American was the European club scene.

She said ‘First up, the clubs were bumping, the only thing that was weird was that there was a lot of 16 year old’s in there smoking cigarettes and I’m like 24 so I’m like ‘what are you doing here?’ but other than that, the music was amazing.’

‘They played a lot of American hits and also a lot of Spanish hits – love that.’

She also liked that there was a lot of public transport, explaining that ‘Public transportation is very good for the environment.

‘It did take two to three times as long if you were to just drive, but I do like that it’s pretty affordable and good for the environment.’

One commenter advised ‘you are actually faster with public transport’.

The TikToker’s third thing she liked was that servers in restaurants ‘leave you alone’.

She said ‘I love that, they don’t keep coming up asking you ‘is everything good? do you need anything?’ which I like because I ask for everything when they first come to the table and I never need them again, because I’m a simple girl.’