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America’s Got Talent 2018: Kiss will open Season 13 finale

America’s Got Talent 2018: Kiss will open Season 13 finale

  • Kiss will open the two-hour finale of America’s Got Talent Wednesday at 8pm ET
  • One of ten remaining contestants will be crowned the winner in the final episode
  • The winner will get a $1 million prize and a headline show in Las Vegas, Nevada 

Kiss will take the stage during Wednesday’s episode of America’s Got Talent.

The legendary rock band will open the two-hour season 13 finale, according to Billboard. It’s unclear what they plan to perform, but it’s likely the set list will include at least a few of their popular hits.

During the show, one of ten finalists — Glennis Grace, Daniel Emmet, Vicki Barbolak, Brian King Joseph, Courtney Hadwin, Zurcaroh, Michael Ketterer, Samuel J Comroe, Duo Transcend, Shin Lim — will be chosen as the 2018 America’s Got Talent winner.

The final rounds of the America’s Got Talent Season 13 competition kick off on NBC this Tuesday at 8pm ET

Kiss, fronted by Gene Simmons, will perform during Wednesday's final episode of America's Got Talent

Kiss, fronted by Gene Simmons, will perform during Wednesday’s final episode of America’s Got Talent

Whomever is chosen will take home a $1 million prize and get their own headline show in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Is America’s Got Talent on tonight?

America’s Got Talent is airing a new episode on Tuesday. During the show, the finalists will have one final chance to impress viewers and judges.

The episode kicks off Tuesday at 8pm ET.

When are the America’s Got Talent finals?

The America’s Got Talent finals begin on Tuesday. The remaining competitors will perform one last time before the winner is announced on Wednesday.

Both shows start at 8pm ET on NBC. The final episode of season 13 will be two hours long.

How to watch America’s Got Talent

You can catch new episodes of America’s Got Talent on NBC at 8pm ET or tune in to their live stream site for the same experience from your computer, tablet or phone.

Cable provider information will be required. 

The NBC Live app will also allow you to watch America’s Got Talent when it airs.

AGT finalists

  • Glennis Grace – 40, singer
  • Daniel Emmet – 25, opera singer
  • Vicki Barbolak – 60, stand-up comedian
  • Brian King Joseph – 27, electric violinist
  • Courtney Hadwin – 14, singer
  • Zurcaroh – acrobatic group
  • Michael Ketterer – 41, singer
  • Samuel J Comroe – 30, stand-up comedian
  • Duo Transcend – trapeze artists
  • Shin Lim – 26, magician

Who will win America’s Got Talent?

Courtney Hadwin and Shin Lim are currently leading in the America’s Got Talent betting odds, according to Gold Derby. Courtney is slightly ahead with 10/11 odds.

Shin is currently sitting at about 9/2 odds of winning.

Some viewers seem to believe that Courtney has an unfair advantage in the competition because of her prior experience. Before joining the cast of America’s Got Talent, Courtney performed as Young Cosette in Les Miserables in London.

She’s also appeared on The Voice Kids in the United Kingdom, on which she was mentored by Danny Jones of McFly. She made it to the final rounds of the competition, but didn’t win.

Twitter users have found the judges response to Courtney to be insincere. 

One wrote: ‘Stop having your judges fake react to acts they are already familiar with. Most people watching are already familiar with Riana and others are familiar with Courtney Hadwin and the judges certainly should know who they are but instead they act like they never heard of them!’ 



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