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An Articulated Vape Pen

People who have just started smoking find it rather difficult to find their supplies. Be it good quality marijuana or a marijuana pipe. One may think that there shouldn’t be a problem in finding a good marijuana pipe, but it is easier said than done. Various things need to be considered while buying a marijuana pipe.

Otherwise, the smoking session can be a disaster. There are a variety of pipes available online as well as offline, but deciding “the one” is always a difficult task. Here in this article, various type of pipes and information about them will be shared, which can help a person make up his mind about the same.

Choosing the perfect marijuana pipe

  1. Hand pipe

Hand pipes are the perfect kind of marijuana pipes that beginners can use. There are not many steps involved in smoking marijuana through a hand pipe. These are easily available online as well as offline store. Many websites sell different kinds of hand pipes, and they can be chosen according to individual liking. Most of the hand pipes are made out of glass, but it is not always the case. Sometimes people even go for the hand pipes made of steel or even metal. It all depends upon individual preferences.

The only thing that needs to be taken care of is that the marijuana pipe is not too small. People can be deceived easily by the photos on the online stores and do not take the size of the hand pipe into consideration. All is well and good until they try to clean the pipe, which is very difficult since the hand pipe is so tiny. Another thing to take care of while smoking from a glass hand pipe is not to drop it, for rather obvious reasons.

It is advised to always look for a hand pipe which is made up of thick glass material and is medium sized with holes that are neither too big nor too small. Thick glass makes the hand pipe more durable. Bigger or smaller holes spoil the smoking experience and cause a lot of problems.

  1. Water Pipe

Water pipes are perfect for semi-pro kind of smokers as they know their stuff very well. These are also easily available and are sold under the name “bong.” Most people nowadays refer to it as bong only. A water pipe or bong looks like a vase in which water is filled inside the chamber. On the top, the chamber a pipe is connected, which is used to smoke, and on the lower end, there is another opening for burning weed. Weed is burnt from this opening while puffs are taken from the pipe which creates bubbles in the base of the vase which converts smoke into water vapors.

Now the stuff that comes of the pipe is weed induced water vapor, which is usually less harsh and cleaner than its counterparts. The high that people get from water pipes are usually quite strong, and so these are not recommended for beginners.

These bongs can be dirt cheap and filthy expensive, and people usually go for whatever fits their budget.

  1. The one-hitter

For the pro-smokers who want a gentlemanly feeling or who want to restrict their marijuana use, these one-hitters are a perfect match. These are small pipes or metal casings which are used for a single hit. One-hitters are already filled with about 25 milligrams of marijuana. Most popular types of one-hitters look like beautiful small cigarettes, but with time there are many new designs in the market.

Kiseru, Midwakh, Sebsi, and chillum are some traditional one-hitters. One should that should be kept in mind about one-hitters is that they should be cleaned after every use. Otherwise, there will be a buildup of ash inside, and the next hits won’t be as smooth.


These are all types of marijuana pipes and all the details about them. This guide is penned down to make sure nobody makes the mistake of buying the wrong kind of pipe and regret later.

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