An Ultimate Guide for Purchasing Different Three-Phase Generators

A three-phase generator is a combination of three single-phase generators merged to form a single AC three-phase generator. The generator works according to Faraday’s laws of electronic induction. Three armatures, each comprising coils wound around a metal core, rotate in a magnetic field produced by two magnets.

What sets apart the three-phase generator from the single-phase generator is how the generators function. The three generators run sequentially at an offset (phase difference) of 120 degrees and are taken two at a time.

After introducing what the three-phase generator is, it will analyze the position the three-phase generator holds in today’s electronics market. A global report by VMR conducted on the three-phase generator set explains how the market has substantially grown over the past few years.

Moreover, it is expected to grow significantly throughout the time between 2020 and 2027. The report also entails that the market mainly comprises shipbuilding, equipment manufacturing, and construction industries.

Types of Different Three-Phase Generators

Three-phase generators can be categorized based on various factors. There exist three variants based on structure, phase power, and application. In this article, three types of three-phase generators will be introduced to you.

Industrial Generators: Industries make the most use of three-phase generators. It is due to the high generation of constant voltage these generators provide. A notable generator manufacturer company, EvoTec, has designed models specifically focused on catering to the needs of the industry.


  • The industrial three-phase generators come in a compact and stubby design.
  • They incorporate a system for good ventilation and heat dissipation.
  • The motor of the generator observes a low rise in temperature.
  • Provides high efficiency in terms of power generation and good dynamic performance.
  • The generator has a low waveform distortion rat and provides stable AVR parallel operation.
  • Compatible and matches well with various other power systems.
  • Overall saves on costs for the user.

Power and Voltage Ranges: These generators provide the user with a power range between 6.8 to 4200 KW in general. The power range of an individual model may be anywhere between these two values. However, all of these generators have a voltage range of 380 to 480 volts.

Applications: The industrial generator has many applications on an industrial scale. It is typically used to run industrial units where constant high voltage is required. The most notable application is in power stations, energy sectors, and breeding industries, all of which require continuous power.

Quality: Several generator models are accustomed to being good at ventilation and heat dissipation to avoid overheating in the system. Furthermore, some of the models also incorporate a marine varnish to prevent moisture and mold from building up and ensure anti-fogging.

High Voltage Generators

The high-voltage variety of three-phase generators are precisely what their name states they are – generate high amounts of voltage. At EvoTec, the generators are designed using German generator technology. Alongside that, they are also embedded with years of EvoTec’s R&D and manufacturing experience for high-voltage motors, with no compromise on quality.


  • These three-phase generators come with a shorter dimension height.
  • The design is much better in terms of heat dissipation and ventilation.
  • Provides substantial savings on costs for the user.
  • Generates voltage output as high as 13,800 volts,

Power and Voltage Ranges: The generator works in a disparate power range, from 500 to 1500 kVA, 1625 to 2750 kVA, and 2750 to 4125 kVA. It is well-suited to the specification these generators are in particular designed for. This high power range allows it to provide an output of 3300 to 13800 Volts of Voltage.

Applications: These three-phase generators are reliable and well-suited for data centers, telecommunication industries, and real estate sectors. Besides, high voltage three-phase generator models are also suited for large commercial buildings or industrial centers.

Quality: The generators at EvoTec are accredited with ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015, along with CE marking approved. They come with optimum heat dissipation and ventilation. Several models are coated with added marine varnish. It adds features such as being moisture-proof, mold-proof, and anti-fogging.

Marine Generators

Marine generators come in use where other generators seem to show a lacking. These generators are built to suit the severity of the weather around the waves of the seas, making them ideal for use on ships. They are powerful enough to function much better and efficiently than a standard boat’s battery.


  • These generators are explicitly coated with a marine varnish that helps them tackle the severity of the seas. It helps prevent moisture and mold build-up and keeps them free of condensed air, i.e., anti-fogging.
  • They come with a shorter dimension design.
  • They provide better ventilation and heat dissipation.
  • These come with an additional warranty of 24 months.
  • Provide the buyer with a substantial amount of savings on costs.

Power and Voltage Ranges: Depending on what model you get, the power range can be anywhere from 20 to 1650 kVA. It allows you to choose the model best suited for your specific needs. As far as the voltage output is concerned, its ranges are 200-400 Volts or 230-400 Volts.

Applications: Marine generators are best suited for ships and naval vehicles. They can be used to power simple kitchens on board to robust and electric propulsion systems. Additionally, these generators can accommodate all sorts of appliances on board.

Quality: Amongst the qualities mentioned above, the most prominent regarding marine generators is their varnish, which prevents any trouble at sea from moisture, mold, and condensed water vapor. Also, these generators are well designed to have proper ventilation and heat dissipation.

The Final Word

Now you must have a clear understanding of the three-phase generator, from their features, power and voltage ranges, applications, and quality. All of these can help you pinpoint the particular generator most appropriate to your necessities. Consequently, suppose you have decided to go for a reliable, reputable, and capable manufacturer and comprehensive exporter of three-phase generators. In that case, EvoTec is your best choice.

EvoTec has proved itself over the past decade to be the best choice in the market for three-phase AC synchronous industrial and marine generators with single/double bearing configurations and other latest design productions. Not only that, but they also work with and can provide you a state-of-the-art three-phase alternator.

Established in May 2011, and since forth working amazingly for their long-lasting clients, they offer high-quality generators and alternators without a copy. Likewise, EvoTec provides you with troubleshooting and customized services to help keep that generator in top shape and long-lasting.