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An Ultimate Guide To The Best Restaurant Mobile App Development

Despite the size of the restaurant business, people are investing in restaurant mobile app development techniques to improve customer experience.

Mobile technology has changed the way how restaurant business used to operate. Approximately 7.5 billion people are using smartphones in 2020 and the number is still rocketing at a rapid speed. This is a significant reason for using mobile technology for your restaurant business.

Innovation in technology is encouraging restaurateur to generate a customer experience that is engaging, which is user-friendly, and convenient. Much customer-centric business is boosting customer satisfaction with mobile apps, and the restaurant business is no exception. A recent study in 2020 shows that 56% of users are using mobile apps to search for menus, pricing, specials, for making reservations, and also for online food ordering.

Why you should invest in mobile apps for your restaurant?

Nowadays, people are impatient and want and everything quickly. Customers hate longer waiting times especially when they are hungry. Besides, it will assist in enhancing your restaurant sales and customer satisfaction.

Let’s check the five major reasons which show the importance of investing in mobile app developing technologies.

  1. Customer is using mobile apps to place online orders because of the utmost convenience they offer.
  2. You can provide service to a pile of customers simultaneously.
  3. The app also provides room for marketing and promotions which in turn helps in boosting brand building and awareness.
  4. The mobile app encourages customers with solid functionality.
  5. A mobile app will provide robust insights regarding information about sales, inventory, customer database which is an important tool in providing customized services.

Nowadays, customers always prefer to use mobile apps to fulfil their cravings over stepping out for dining because of safety concerns. The scenario of Covid-19 gives an extra added positive impact on the idea for mobile online food apps got vast recognition and demand because of the convenience and user-friendly features they offer.

Most restaurants are now investing in an online ordering system for reaching out to a million customers. If you are a restaurateur the best way to drive potential customers to your business and expand your business successfully then investing in the right online ordering system is the first step towards it.

What are the benefits of using online restaurant apps?

By using new technologies, you not just outracing your competitors but also making the lives of your customers even more hassle-free. Reaching the right customers at right time at the right location. Giving the service to the right customer is what an online ordering system is all about.

So, let’s see the benefits offered by a restaurant online food delivery app to both the customers as well as for the restaurantuers.

Making a hassle-free online ordering process

Just imagine, after a long tiring day, all you want is some good food and maybe a good movie on Netflix.

So do you prefer to cook especially if you are so tired and not even in the mood to get dressed up and go for dining!

So what about getting your favourite meal at your doorstep within a click in a short time?

Sounds awesome, right!

This much easiness is only possible with online food ordering systems. Also ordering through calls may include a lot of mistakes due to miscommunication. And if you are paying for something then it should have that worthiness.

Restaurantuers can effectively engage customers by means of an app or website or both in order to deliver food online. Also, all these efficacious methods streamline all the end-to-end processes in your restaurant. Moreover over when a customer place an order through an online food ordering app they will get ample to search through the menu, check the offers, add-on, and come up with a beat choice.

An effective option for food tracking

The coronavirus pandemic has really triggered the food industry in a positive manner. But still, even before the Covid-19 scenario, people are quite familiar with and enjoyed the service of food delivery through an online food ordering system. At the beginning of 2021, almost 72% of the UK population are using online ordering apps at least twice a week. This is a huge benefit for restaurant businesses.

However, still, there are people who still show reluctance to buy food online, simply because they don’t trust the quality of food delivered through online platforms, and secondly, for them, they want to feel, smell, touch, and see the food before the purchase is necessary. To an extent, this is not possible with online delivery. But here is where the option for tracking became a saviour.

The customers can track the real-time status of the food from preparation to delivery. This transparency gives the customers to trust such online platforms along with the option for cash on deliveries. A live dashboard with the real-time status of the order, details regarding the delivery person, approximate time for delivery, and everything will be provided for ensuring a safe and better delivery experience.

Customization is the key

According to the survey by food media in 2020, 74% of people look for more options in online ordering apps, whether it is special offers, promo codes, delivery methods, or payment options. People always look for more easy and quick methods which are favourable for them. That’s why most online delivery platforms are offering customized services.

Because the term customization is something that people love to hear. For instance, if you are allergic to mushroom and you want to place a veg-loaded pizza. It’s really simple because you can clearly mention your instruction in the ordering session before making a payment.

All these extra options are available in the best restaurant mobile food delivery app. Providing all these added facilities will cut down the costs and helps in making a good customer relationship. The efficacious features of online apps can easily plan and schedule the orders according to your customer needs.

What are the things you should consider while investing in restaurant mobile apps?

The restaurant mobile app is quite a versatile tool for business growth. But at the same time investing in the right app is highly necessary. Because if it doesn’t fit with your business needs it will definitely become a burden which you can’t avoid easily.

Consider the following questions before making a purchase.

Is this app meet all my business needs?

This is an important question because each business has different marketing goals, strategies, and expected outcomes. So your app should have all the qualities through which your business needs should be accomplished.

Does it go well with my budget?

Money matter! You should invest in such things which you can afford. Before investing make sure that the return of an investment will be a great figure which will justify your investment. The features you select decide the cost of the app. The more functionality you want, the more cost will be.

How effectively it can enhance the profit?

Since you are investing in something big, you need to have a good vision of the profit you can earn from it. Always remember you invest in such lucrative apps only for making your business thrive, and not for making your burden double. So it is always better to take a demo or free trial to understand the functionality and estimating the profit you can earn.

How can I improve customer service?

Providing effective features that can improve customer service is an important factor that the mobile app must possess. Online ordering systems with the option for customization can be considered as a good app. Along with easy navigation, a user-friendly interface, an effective product tracking option, and simple and easily understandable guidelines are add-on features in enhancing customer satisfaction.

Does it work with my current POS software?

Buying a new software and training your staff about each and everything regarding the new investment is time-consuming as well as tedious. You should look for mobile apps that can perfectly integrate with your current POS systems. In that way, you can easily avoid wasting time on training your employees and can immediately use it for business purposes.

Examples of successful restaurant mobile apps.

There are a lot of restaurant mobile apps which are globally recommended and widely used because of the sophisticated features it offers.

Domino’s Pizza

Domino’s launched their mobile app in 2011 for marketing and driving more customers. It was launched in Amazon Appstore for Android. Customers find it one of the best and most convenient ways to order delicious pizzas without stepping out from the home and their 30 minutes delivery policy was also a great success.


Starbucks launched their mobile app across the country in 2009. It offers the most convenient and fast service to its customers. This app also provides information regarding store locations, the nutritional value of each drink, and the special offers.


Subway is taking benefits of a well-established mobile app for online ordering since 2015. Customers can pick and pay for their favourite food according to their convenient time, which helps them to pick it up without waiting long queues at the restaurant. As a result, Subway also effectively diminish the time-consuming process, wait time for customers and increase the profit margin through improved customer satisfaction.