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Angela Ence – Growing Women Marketing Consultant in Singapore

Singapore is a booming hub for all kinds of businesses. However, in order to grow, one needs to find the right marketing consultant who will understand the business and accordingly strategies and implement marketing tactics that will work. Meet Angela Ence, a leading woman marketing consultant in Singapore who has over 20+ years of experience in the marketing domain. An alumnus of NUS Business School, Angela Ence’s marketing tactics are proven, and they can help local and regional businesses to grow exponentially.

Angela Ence is the CEO of Ence group of Marketing Driving Business. Her company is based in Singapore, and this KPI-driven company is completely overhauling the face of how businesses have been doing their marketing. The best thing about Ence is that the company is backed by some of the industry leaders who are leveraging their expertise and helping SMEs, non-profit organizations, and other businesses alike grow and become visible in the market so that they get contacted by customers.

Here are some of the services this woman marketing consultant in Singapore can help you with:

  • Branding
  • Marketing positioning
  • Target marketing
  • Marketing budgeting
  • PR
  • Digital and social media campaign management
  • Marketing research
  • Marketing copywriter

Ence has one mission, and that is to help more and more companies grow. Through their marketing strategies and the way they implement their strategy, more than a hundred companies have reaped the benefits. Ence is here to help you with your PR requirement, marketing copywriting, and all kinds of marketing services. No matter what business you have, Ence has the right marketing solution for you.

With Ence, rest assured every company will enhance its brand image, boost customer engagement, and increase sales.


Angela Ence helps companies like yours have better customer retention, more ROI, and enhanced visibility in the local and regional markets. Other companies’ growth is the primary concern of Angela Ence’s marketing strategies. If you are a business owner and have tried different marketing techniques to grow and boost your revenue, which led you to nowhere, it’s time to meet Angela Ence and her strong marketing team!