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Anthony Albanese breaks his silence on The Drum’s Nareen Young ‘white bread-gate’

Anthony Albanese proves he is ‘each way Albo’ on EVERYTHING – even toast – with LAME response to his ABC star friend’s outrageous claim that Scott Morrison is out of touch because he only eats white bread

  • Scott Morrison told a TV interview that he was a ‘normal white toast man’ 
  • Left-wing ABC panellist Nareen Young said he was appealing to ‘Anglo men’
  • Labor leader Anthony Albanese has refused to reveal his preferred bread choice 

Labor leader Anthony Albanese has declined to reveal what type of bread he eats after Scott Morrison was toasted by a left-wing ABC panellist for eating only white.

Daily Mail Australia first unearthed footage of Nareen Young, a Professor for Indigenous Policy at the University of Technology, blasting the Prime Minister for describing himself as a ‘normal white bread, toast man’.  

Professor Young is close friends with Mr Albanese who was the best man at her wedding. 

When asked about his preferred choice of bread, the Labor leader – who is branded ‘each way Albo’ by the Government – simply told Daily Mail Australia: ‘I think people should eat whatever bread they like.’ 

The response entertained the Liberal ranks, with one senior source, saying: ‘There’s no issue too big, or small, for each way Albo to avoid taking a position on.

‘You can’t trust him on national security, you can’t trust him on the economy and you can’t even trust him when he’s talking about bread.’

Professor Young was discussing the Prime Minister’s bread choice on ABC show The Drum last week after he had earlier told the Seven Network’s Sunrise: ‘I’m just normal white bread, white toast man. That’s me.’

Host Ellen Fanning suggested that Morrison was trying to buy in to a traditional working class stereotype, asking Professor Young why politicians often think of tradies and miners as ‘battlers’, rather than aged care workers or casual hospitality workers.

Professor Young said ‘I don’t know that all politicians have that lack of understanding of what workers look like in this country.

‘I think the comment about bread, white bread this week was really interesting. Who eats white bread in this country? Anglo men.

Anthony Albanese eats a white bread sausage sandwich on election day in 2019

‘I come from a working class background. We had brown bread – because we were healthy. 

‘I think it shows a deep lack of understanding as to who works in this country. I think that there’s a deep intersection of race and class.’ 

The comments drew ire from social media and radio host Ben Fordham who blasted her and criticised the ABC even having the discussion. 

‘If that isn’t the worst political take ever, it’s on the podium,’ he said. 

‘Professor Nareen Young decided this was an issue, not that the PM didn’t know the price of bread but the type of bread he eats,’ he said. 

‘You may want to keep her logic in mind when you head to the supermarket this afternoon if you’re a white anglo man, don’t go buying Tip Top or Wonder White.

‘Are we allowed to eat Turkish bread?’

ABC panellist and university professor Nareen Young (pictured left) recently declared white bread is typically only eaten by Anglo men in Australia

ABC panellist and university professor Nareen Young (pictured left) recently declared white bread is typically only eaten by Anglo men in Australia

Professor Young has been dubbed ‘one of the most respected and leading Australian workplace diversity practitioners and thinkers’ and has also worked as a Director of Indigenous Consulting with finance firm Price Waterhouse Coopers.

Additionally, she was the chief executive of the Diversity Council of Australia. 

Daily Mail Australia approached Prof. Young for comment.  


  • The Professor’s bio from UTS Sydney describes her as one of Australia’s ‘leading and most respected workplace diversity practitioners and thinkers’
  • She is employed by UTS as an Industry Professor for Indigenous Policy at the Jumbunna Institute for Indigenous Education and Research
  • Employed by leading finance firm PricewaterhouseCoopers from October 2014 to January 18 for Indigenous Consulting
  • Previously the Chief Executive of Diversity Council Australia (May 2007 – February 2014)     
  •  Regular panellist on the ABC on shows such as The Drum


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