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Anti-chafe SIHOHAN Women’s Slip Shorts review Amazon

‘A game-changer for chafing!’ These super-soft slip shorts will keep you comfortable in the summer heat (and they’re now less than £10 on Amazon

Dresses, skirts and shorts are summer wardrobe staples, but there is one surprising item being hailed a warm-weather hero; the anti-chafing short. 

The hot weather accessory is grabbing shoppers attention thanks to their ability to help prevent and deal with inner-thigh chafing. Many face the daily struggle of feeling their thighs rubbing together in the heat in the summer, which can lead to sore, red, uncomfortable patches on the skin.

The SIHOHAN Women’s Slip Shorts can combat this summer woe, beating the so-called ‘chub rub’. Hundreds of Amazon shoppers have bought and loved the shorts, praising them for its affordable and effective solution to chafing thighs. Now less than £10 on Amazon, this is the perfect time to invest in the summer skin saviour. 

The SIHOHAN Women's Slip Shorts are now only £9.99 on Amazon and come in black, nude and white

The SIHOHAN Women’s Slip Shorts have been reduced to just £9.99 on Amazon and come in black, nude and white 

As the weather gets warmer this summer, many of us will face the dreaded chafe. As we start to sweat, the tops of our thighs can stick together, causing uncomfortable friction. 

One way to combat the burning sensation is by adding a layer of clothing for protection. Enter the SIHOHAN Women’s Slip Shorts. The ultra-soft fabric will give you extra comfort and confidence to wear your favourite sundresses or outfits without a second thought. 

The SIHOHAN shorts are thin, light and seamless so you can wear your favourite summer outfits with confidence. The shorts don’t even have tags so you won’t have to deal with irritating labels either.

They come in six sizes (from 26 inches to 37.5 inches) and are available in nude, white or black, so they can be worn unnoticed. While discreet enough to wear under clothes to stop chafing, they provide enough coverage to wear these alone as yoga or running shorts.  

‘These shorts have changed my life! Comfortable, discreet and do the job. I am wearing dresses all the time now with no more discomfort from chafing in the Summer heat. Don’t hesitate; these are the best thing ever!’

The ultra soft and seamless fabric provides discreet coverage so you can wear your favourite summer outfits in confidence 

Stretchy and slim fit, the SIHOHAN Women’s Slip Shorts give you sweat-free comfort so you can go about your day in confidence. There are hundreds of positive reviews left for the shorts on Amazon with many praising them for saving friction burns in the summer. 

One delighted shopper wrote: ‘Finally I found a way to wear lovely summer dresses without having to deal with chafing. The pants are soft and comfortable, and true to the size.’

Another agreed, adding: ‘If you’re a chafe sufferer get these! These are so wonderful. I love them! No more chafing when I wear skirts and dresses! I will definitely be purchasing more!’

A third wrote: ‘These shorts are a game-changer. Super soft and comfortable. They make wearing a dress in hot weather very easy and much more comfortable; they are not tight and do not roll-up. I totally recommend them.’ 

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