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Applications of Botox

How to express joy, disappointment, anger, and other emotions? It is only through mimicry that we can do it. Our facial muscles are genetically tuned to express our condition. How many times a day do you laugh? And how many frown your forehead? I think everyone should think about it. Because it is bright and expressive emotions that is one of the factors behind the formation of wrinkles. Later you can notice the formation of facial wrinkles, deep longitudinal lines on the forehead, the appearance of “goose paws” in the corners of the eyes. These defects, with age, become noticeable even without expression of emotions. To solve this problem, cosmetologists suggested blocking the transmission of nerve impulses to a particular muscle. No, that doesn’t mean we can’t laugh or frown. Thanks to Botox injection, the muscle stops shrinking for a while and the skin does not wrinkle. And after a while, a certain area of skin is restored and moistened.

So, what is Botox?

Botox is a botulinum toxin type A  that has been used in medicine for quite some time. This ingredient is biologically active, which is obtained as a result of the fermentation of bacteria Clostridium botulinum. Botox is a safe drug if properly administered. Therefore, before performing the procedure, the patient must be sure of the doctor’s qualifications. Botulinum works mainly with wrinkles on the forehead, eyebrows, corners of the eyes and lips, as well as the nasolabial area. It is recommended to use Botulinum is effective in combating wrinkles on the forehead, corners of the eyes, around the lips and the cheeks. It is recommended to use Botox from 25-30 years. Although there are no clear prohibitions, young skin up to this age is too thin and such injections can harm the patient’s health.

What are the steps in the procedure?

To have a session, the doctor must collect information about the patient’s health. This will allow him to evaluate the feasibility of the procedure, select the appropriate dosage of the toxin and determine the technique of administration. Specialists can buy Botox online at Beauty Dermal.

After initial consultation with the patient, the specialist may begin the injection. Typically, the procedure lasts up to 30 minutes and involves the use of anesthetic. As a rule, the day before the procedure you can not drink alcohol, drink strong tea and coffee, and you must stop taking antibiotics. After the session, bruising, redness, swelling may appear on the patient’s skin. But these symptoms are short-lived.

The efficacy after the injection procedure can be seen after 7-14 days. The duration of Botox injection is 7 to 18 months, depending on the area of administration. Adjustment of cosmetic results is possible after 8 months from the initial session.

When can Botox be used?

Contraindications to the injection of botulotoxin are pregnancy, lactation, hemophilia, autoimmune diseases, oncology, diabetes, and individual sensitivity to the active substance of the product.

Although the most well-known method of using Botox is prescribed in cosmetology, quite a few patients are unaware of the broader range of action of this substance.

  1. In 1992, plastic surgeon William Binder confirmed that after the introduction of Botox patients with migraine symptoms improve their condition. Later, Allergen tested this fact and implemented this claim since 2010.
  2. Excessive sweating. Since 2004, Botox injections have been used successfully to combat excessive obesity in patients.
  3. Excessive urination. In one study, Brubaker found that about 70% of the women she treated with Botox reported a decrease in the amount of sweating.
  4. Injection makes it possible to correct strabismus where the eyes do not align in one direction.
  5. Botox can alleviate symptoms in people with depression. One small study, confirmed in 2014, found that 74 people with major depressive disorder reported reducing their symptoms six weeks after the injection.
  6. Premature ejaculation and vaginosis. Putting Botox into your penis can weaken your muscles and delay ejaculation. Some women experience painful muscular contractions during sexual intercourse, which causes them to have pain claims. Botox injections can relieve this pain.
  7. Heart failure. Allergan is studying Botox as a therapy to prevent heartbeats after open-heart surgery.
  8. “Ice Hands”. Botox is injected into the human hand to relax the muscles surrounding the constricted vessels and interfere with normal circulation. As the vessels relax and dilate, blood flows through the hand and into the tips of the fingers, providing relief of symptoms.
  9. Cramping of the neck muscles. Allergan was approved in 2000 for its use in the treatment of a disorder called cervical dystonia, characterized by abnormal head position and severe neck pain.

You can see that Botox is used in various fields of medicine and is an effective solution. Therefore, on Beauty Dermal site, qualified specialists can buy Botox online. We will provide you with quality surfers, fast delivery and all the necessary information on product safety. You can contact our manager for more information.


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