Applications of WPC Composite Decking in Residential and Commercial Industry

Composite Decking comes in a variety of styles and colours to suit a range of tastes. The application both in commercial and residential composite decking boards are wide-ranging and diverse, which is a testimony to its technical data and performance.

From the aspect of commercial application, it needs wood plastic composite decking has excellent performance on weather resistance. However, the application of residential requires the decking has the better performance on stain resistance, low maintenance and is easy to clean.

Below advantages is the reason you choose Wallong WPC composite decking to install both in commercial and residential:

  • Resistance to weather, no matter in Wet- Humid- Hot- Dry- Cold- Snow- Wind condition.
  • Remain its luster, beauty, and structural integrity long after another material has faded and cracking or bending.
  • Does not swell, crumble, crack, or warp due to weather exposure
  • Immune to decay from mold and mildew
  • Patented technology for stronger boards.
  • No need for painting, sealing, or renovation
  • Direct manufacturer’s support for pros or DIYers
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty

Commercial Application

Commercial WPC composite decking projects tend to be the most testing of environments for Wallong products, from large shopping centres, to an open restaurant over the seaside. The most important for commercial applications: supply high quality, reliable product that performs year by year.

What kind of commercial area does Wallong WPC composite decking could be installed in?

  • Shopping mall
  • Docks or Marine
  • Hotel decking
  • Parks
  • outside refreshment bars
  • verandas and clubhouse
  • Seaside restaurant
  • The promenade
  • School

Residential Application

WPC composite decking with its good performance in low maintenance and durable becomes the star of residential industry. The popularity of WPC composite decking keeps rising among the wood timber, stone and laminate flooring. With Wallong WPC composite decking in your garden, you can enjoy the party and barbecue with friends and family, and your kids are allowed to play around with barefoot. There’s no reason that you don’t like it.

Let’s check some of the applications we have in mind:

  • Garden
  • Swimming pool
  • Private fence
  • Outdoor wall cladding
  • Patio or terrace

Wallong WPC Composite Decking

Wallong WPC decking boards are durable, require low maintenance, and possess rot resistance and safety. They are explicitly intended to adapt magnificently in outdoor spaces. Wallong manufacturer offers six ranges of designs and finishes to browse. These include ACME wood, sandblasted decking, superior wood, superior resist wood, conventional decking, and deep embossed decking. Plus, all of them come in the six most popular colors.

Ending Notes

There is no comparable name in the market for WPC services that match the quality of Wallong WPC wood plastic composite. Over the past years, Wallong WPC has provided the finest solutions for all WPC-related needs from East Asia to clients across the globe.

Wallong has been delivering its state-of-the-art service throughout the pandemic to ensure no trouble is caused to loyal customers. If you wish to get familiar with their products, feel free to contact them.