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Are Anti-aging Supplements Safe? What You Should Know

Anti aging supplements, as advertised, help users stay young with healthy skins. So far, they have worked for you.

You are looking ravishing with no side effects. But should you be worried? Is it possible that you’d suffer skin damage because of the supplements that you use?

Well, anti-aging products contain antioxidants. Such elements come with their issues.

However, before we conclude, let’s see what you should worry about and how to navigate such worries.

Antioxidants And Their Effect On The Skin

The Worry

Ordinarily, the human body produces free radicals. These free radicals are products of normal body metabolism. Not only that, they often surface when you expose your body to environmental elements such as ultraviolet rays and smoke.

So, when your body generates too many free radicals, you should worry. The nuances tend to destroy the cells in the skin.

Luckily, antioxidants can help you.

They curb free radicals from damaging the body system. But they also come with their complications.

The human skin doesn’t absorb antioxidants. And when such clogs on the surface, it could lead to irritations.

Another concern is that the so-called curving solution doesn’t even last.

The Way Out

Any chemical substance could spell ill for the body. It all depends on the formulations and the manufacturers.

For that reason, it is best to buy your supplements only from certified and standard brands such as Antiaging-health.

At Antiaging-health, for example, supplements are products of natural and safe anti-oxidants. As such, you will be free from skin-harmful components such as

  • Aspartate,
  • Benzoates,
  • Chlorine,
  • Fluoride,
  • Gluten,
  • Parabens,
  • Polysorbate 80,
  • Propylene,
  • Talc, and
  • Titanium Dioxide.

More importantly, Antiaging-health supplements have cGMP and ISO standard certification. In other words, standard-safety bodies have tested their products and qualified them as safe to use.

With that said, let’s see some of the safe ingredients of Antiaging-health.

The 3 Most Important Components Of Anti-aging Supplements

Vitamin C

Of all naturally-existing anti-oxidants in the body, vitamin C is the most abundant. Thanks to its abundance, vitamin C plays an active role in delaying the aging process. How?

It delays aging by reducing the damage of the free radicals in the body.

Unfortunately, vitamin C readily reacts with the environment. Environmental factors such as UV rays and smoke can significantly decrease the quantity of vitamin C in the body.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is the most crucial anti-oxidant for your longevity goals. Unlike C that combines with the environment, E reduces such reactions.

In particular, vitamin E acts as a shield against UV rays. By doing so, it also prevents the loss of vitamin C from your skin.

Furthermore, vitamin E can deactivate free radicals. That way, you solve the aging problem right at the base.

In all, vitamin E ensures that your body cells and metabolism works at the optimal pace.


The chances are that vitamin C & E can’t help you anymore. The cells in your body had already suffered severe damage.

This point is where peptides come in. These components help you repair, heal, and regrow your damaged cells.


Anti-aging products are safe. However, it is best to deal only with certified manufacturers.