Are Mobile Slots Popular Only Because of Their Wide Variety?

It is without a doubt that, slots are one of the most played games in online casinos. They are not only enjoyable to play, but can also be very rewarding. But over the past years, developers have optimised slots for mobile use.

Most gamers appreciate and prefer mobile slots since they offer convenience and allow them to play anywhere and anytime. Due to their increase in demand, software developers have begun incorporating mobile slots to their system, hence their massive emergence. Besides, mobile casinos have as many slots as desktop versions.

But are mobile slots only popular because of their myriad variety? Well, this might be one of the major reasons, as players want diversity. However, there are also other reasons that make them popular. Let us look at some of the things that make portable pokies popular other than its wide variety.

  1. Instant Play

Mobile users want to save their phone storage for other uses like saving pics and files. Mobile storage is a big concern to everyone, but luckily, you will not have to download any app to play on your portable device.

Mobile slots, just like the ones on desktop, are available in instant play. This means you can access your favourite titles online without the need for software. The only thing required is a stable internet connection and an updated browser. Note that most mobile slots are played on an HTML5 platform, so no need to download the Flash technology.

Additionally, you can sign in your account with no worries and continue with where you left off from your desktop. You will not have to log in repeatedly, and you can command your device to remember that site.

However, if you are an apps freak, mobile slots also come with applications, which are available on online stores like Google Play.

  1. Convenience

Mobile slots are proliferating in the gambling industry, and another great reason why it is becoming more and more popular is they are convenient. It is true that online slots give players the maximum comfort they want. You do not have to save up and travel to a land-based casino just to play slots. What most players are looking for nowadays is a game that gives them the expediency they have always wanted.

Mobile slots offer maximum convenience than desktop casino games. This is another reason why it is increasingly becoming well-liked by gamblers around the globe. You can spin the reels anywhere while on the move or while lying on your sofa at home. Just anywhere you want. And, hey, you will not miss out on the jackpot prize as you will have our phone with you.

  1. Easy to Use

It is the work of the casino operator and the software developer to ensure that the site and the games are easy to play. When mobile casinos came to life several years ago, they were not the best. Newbies could have trouble navigating the site and finding their preferred games.

Fortunately, nowadays casinos and software creators are making sure that the games are user-friendly to everyone. Moreover, players can choose to play instantly or download the game if it incorporates an app.

Besides, those mobile pokies are simple to play just like the ones on the computer. They have few control options, but other things like rules and payouts will remain the same.

  1. Big Jackpot Prizes

Jackpot prizes are another reason why mobile slots are becoming popular. The prizes are just as huge as those found on the desktop, and sometimes they are even bigger. And if the players like, they can turn on notifications whereby new or jackpots won will appear on the notification panel. So you can get to see recent jackpot prizes and winners anywhere you are and even try winning them at any place.

  1. Mobile Slots Are Innovative

It is a fact that most gamers love playing online slots because they are the most creative games in the casinos. They offer what no other game has – attractive design, impressive themes, nice soundtracks, etc. But do you know mobile slots are the most innovative than those in computers?

For instance, mobile pokies like Shanghai Beauty slots come with a portrait and landscape mode. So players can spin at ease whether they are seated on lying on their beds. Additionally, some have a shake to play option. This feature allows gamers to shake their phones several times in any direction to set the game in motion.

And like we said earlier, you can receive notifications about your games wherever you are. Such innovations like these are what make mobile slots extremely engaging, and this is not the end. They are continuing to develop, and we are all hoping to see even more features that are exciting in the future.

  1. They Are Potentially Profitable

Due to its popularity, it is not uncommon to meet bonuses and special features in mobile slots. They are just the same as those in desktop, with nothing altered. So if the game has free spins and bonus games on your computer, it will remain like that on mobile. This means you have great chances of landing massive wins while playing on Android or iOS phones or tablets.

Moreover, mobile casinos offer other bonuses and promotions that can increase your earnings. Players can benefit from such offers as welcome bonuses, reload offers, and other deals.

  1. Operating Systems

If mobile games were only compatible with Android devices, then they could have been well known for Android users. However, they are compatible with several operating systems, including the most common:

  • Android
  •  iOS
  • Windows.

Thus, this is one of its reasons for its reputation.

Gamers want a product that is available in all of their devices, and this is what mobile slots do. You can access them on your iPhone, Samsung, iPad, Nokia, and other smartphones and tablets. Just make sure you have updated your Android and iOS versions before play.

  1. They Are Secure

Some players think that desktop slots are more secure than those on mobile. But you will be surprised to find out that the latter offers much more than the computer. For instance, when playing pokies on desktop, one way you can prevent your casino’s account is through login details like username and passwords. While this might be the same case in portable gadgets, there are other ways you can protect our account.

One way is through fingerprints. Modern smartphones come with a Touch ID feature, which lets you put in your fingerprint to access the app. Most casinos have also integrated this into their system, thus allowing punters to login with their fingerprints.

We all know that fingerprints are unique to everyone, and no one can replicate them, thus, a reason why mobile slots are more secure. And as usual, gamblers want to play a game that guarantees the safety of their accounts and earnings.

  1. Mobile Slots Are More Engaging and Interactive

Another reason why mobile slots are a showstopper in the gaming industry is that they are very interactive. There is something about playing slots with a mouse and keyboard that makes one feel disconnected from the game.

However, thanks to the touch screen, the games can be very engaging. A simple tap, shake, or swipe is all you need for an amazing gaming experience. Due to these uncomplicated actions, players can feel more entertained and immersed in the game.

  1. More Attention From Developers

With the increase in demand for mobile slots, developers are paying more attention to them. As a result, we expect games to be better and better each day. And no wonder gamers will continue loving them. Besides, developers might notice the high competition and try to bring in new features and super-exciting slots.

Moreover, researchers are predicting that these slots will be played the most in the coming years. This will bring online casinos to see that players are enjoying the convenience and smooth mobile gaming.

  1. Not Just the Games

Yes, we understand that playing slots should be about having fun and all that. But what about those who are playing for real money? Is there something exceptional for them if they play on their portable devices? The answer is simple – there is something for everyone.

Those who want to play for fun can do so without any limits. Moreover, if you want to play for real money, then you can deposit or withdraw funds using various methods like Pay By Phone. With this method, you can make a deposit to your preferred casino account anywhere without searching for your credit or debit cards.

To Sum Up

Mobile slots, as you have seen, are not just about its wide variety. Yes, it is one of the main reasons why they are extremely popular, but there are other things like their high security, payment methods, being lucrative, compatible with multiple devices, instant play without download, ease of use, and so much more.

However, these are just some of the factors most players admire in these games. The list will continue growing as long as developers are creating mobile pokies.