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Are mobile websites enough? Three reasons why you need to make your own app

Are mobile websites enough?

It is a legitimate question. A third of the websites in the world use WordPress. Generally, WordPress websites tend to offer a mobile-friendly experience.

If mobile websites really are enough, millions of WordPress users don’t need to worry.

The numbers, however, provide a reason for concern.

No! Mobile websites are not enough

Take eCommerce as an example. Mobile websites make it very easy for smartphone users to shop online. Users don’t even need to download apps to buy products. Using a mobile website is enough.

This means shoppers should ideally prefer mobile websites for buying products over mobile apps. Right?

Wrong! A report shows that 85% of shoppers prefer mobile apps over websites for shopping. It wouldn’t be wrong to extrapolate this overwhelming preference for mobile apps to other segments of the market.

Mobile apps are the future. There is no point in denying it. There are serious challenges in app development that have to be overcome. However, the challenging nature of the process cannot hide the need for mobile apps.

We will offer three reasons you should make your own app in the following sections.

Reason #1 – Making an app is not difficult*

*Conditions apply.

If you’re an entrepreneur running a small WordPress website, you probably know a lot about the complexity of app development.

The biggest reason to not create an app is that the process is tedious and expensive.


There is a way to bypass the challenges of app development entirely. You can use a free app builder and make your own app without writing a single line of code.

A mobile app builder is a great solution to numerous obstacles to traditional app development. Here are some of its advantages.

  • No prerequisites

You can start making your app without any knowledge of programming. Most entrepreneurs have good business skills but lack the knowledge or time to build an app from scratch. A mobile app builder immediately simplifies this pain point and enables users to start creating an app without the need to write code.

  • Low cost

This is essential for entrepreneurs who cannot afford to either hire an agency or a team of app developers. App builders only cost a small fraction of the amount needed to hire a development agency.

  • Shorter turnaround time

Normal development takes anywhere between 2-8 months. It takes much less time to make an app using a mobile app builder. This is because most changes are immediately made thanks to the DIY-nature of the tool

  • Using websites to make apps

Most app builders generally use websites as the cornerstone of app building. WordPress to the app is a common phrase thrown around in the world of app makers. It basically implies that users can use their website as the foundation to create a new WordPress app.

Reason #2 – Leave the bush-league world of websites behind

You could make people excited about your business with a killer website ten or fifteen years back.

This is not the case now.

Websites are important, but they are not exciting.

You probably needed to know a combination of two or three programming languages to make a website.

Now you only need an internet connection now to create your own website. CMS options like WordPress and Shopify have enabled entrepreneurs to get their websites online in a matter of seconds.

Simplicity breeds ubiquity. Every business has a website now. It is an unremarkable entity everyone expects a company to have.

Mobile apps are different. Not every company has the resources, know-how, or ambition to bring an app to market. You can truly stand apart from your competition by launching a mobile app for your business.

Many companies are generally in two-minds when it comes to making a mobile app. This presents small companies and entrepreneurs with a unique opportunity. They can get a first-mover advantage and gain ground on big competitors too sluggish to act on market trends.

Reason #3 – Winning the war for attention

A lot of marketing today is a battle for attention. Every type of audience today is bombarded with marketing messages on every possible channel.

Our generation is more trained to ignore adverts than any previous generation. It is extremely difficult to have the complete attention of the target audience.

Mobile apps are a phenomenal way to truly capture the attention of people.


The people who download your app create a special space on their device for it.

They see your app icon every time they open their phones.

They remain cognizant of your presence and the service you provide.

Mobile apps help companies carve out a special place for themselves on the personal devices of the target audience. Their mere presence is enough to regularly capture the attention of the audience.

The numbers tell a similar story. 80% of users tend to move apps to their home screens if they use it a lot. If you do manage to make an app that provides real value to your audience, your users will reward you with their complete attention.

In conclusion

Companies generally don’t adopt something new quickly. They generally avoid any great change until there is no other option left.

Did every business start creating a website when WordPress came around and simplified web development?

No. Many waited and only launched a website when not doing so was actually causing direct harm to the business.

The story of mobile apps is also the same. Most companies can see the inherent benefits of bringing an app to market. They also see how simple the process has become with the use of any credible app creator online.

This piece tries to provide reluctant companies concrete reasons to bring an app to market. The arrival of app builders makes this the perfect moment to level up.