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Are Shutters better than Blinds?

Windows at home or in the office certainly need some kind of dressing but the choice can be a difficult one. We at Gator Blinds Florida hear the same from almost every homeowner who comes to us to find the best window treatments for his home. You want the best, but do not know which is best for space or budget? Well, we’re here to clear the air and spread some things to consider when choosing blinds or shutters.

Blinds the less expensive alternative – but are they the best?

Window Blinds Florida cost less than shutters, and that’s certainly a big selling point for homeowners. Think now from a long-term perspective. Venetian blinds can remain stable for a maximum of about  5 – 7 years. Shutters, however, have a ten times longer life than blinds. So, if you find that every five years to seven years the blinds are changed, it is definitely a costly business to have the shutters installed once and for all.

Do you mind spending a lot on energy bills?

AluCore Poly shutters offer the highest degree of energy efficiency offering an insulating R-value 6.0 and are temperature stabilized, heat and steam resistant. Shutters block excellent heat during summers and keep your home insulated during the winter months so, you save on money bills – this is something blinds won’t offer.

Who doesn’t appreciate an increased home resale value?

This fact is well known that shutters add to the resale value just like the latest appliances and hardwood flooring. They add to the visual appeal and are an instant eye-catcher.

Low on maintenance wins the game

Most homeowners miss on this aspect. Consider the time you spend cleaning the narrow slats in the window blinds. Though today you have motorized blinds that offer you hassle-free management, it comes at a cost. Conversely, shutters are supplied with wide louvers, and with no cords involved, dusting becomes an easy part.

Light control and managing privacy – both in one go

Complete light control can be achieved with shutters and blinds. Window blinds, however, have smaller slats compared to shutters with larger louvers for a better view. Both can be tilted at different angles to adjust the privacy and light settings.

Aesthetic appeal

Blinds come in a variety of styles and materials, so they fit seamlessly into the room’s decor. Even if you have a tight budget and wood blinds seem expensive, consider installing faux wood blinds that mimic the look of real wood blinds. Shutters Florida made of poly-material or real wood, however, are regarded as furniture style and make a great statement.

Take the right decision

So, who wins the game for you – shutters or blinds? If you still have concerns or unanswered questions, you can arrange a free in-home consultation or a visit to our showroom. We would be happy to be part of your home improvement

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