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Are You Going To Sell An Instrument? Think About It First

There are a few things to think about before selling a musical instrument.

You have been saving up for this tool for many months. Or they even opened a credit card, and then you had to live on buckwheat for a while … One way or another, you invested time and energy in buying a coveted guitar or kit, pedals, etc.

And now is the time when you think it’s time to move on and you need to sell the equipment. Whatever the reason – the priorities have changed, you need a more expensive tool, or you just need money, there are a few things to think carefully before selling.

Be absolutely sure

When it comes to selling things, one thing can be said with complete certainty – in most cases, you will not get the money spent on them back. Unless, of course, we are talking about some vintage instrument in perfect condition that is older than your parents.

Even if you are really broke, think about it – after all, you will receive, you will only have enough for a very short period.

Is there any other way out?

Also, think about whether the tool might be consumed by you again? For example, if you are not going to play bass in a band anytime soon, this is not a reason to sell your only bass. If you really like him, maybe you shouldn’t part with him? Why get rid of the things you love and enjoy doing (great bass that sounds cool)?

Sell ​​what you absolutely no longer need

Sell ​​what you find the best replacement. But if you just need money, consider some other options. Just imagine: several months have passed, you are in chocolate (well, you just don’t really need anything), and how unpleasant it will be to remember your favorite instrument sold when there were many different options to endure an unpleasant period.

Don’t prefer money over time is a little easier, simply because you receive money before you ship. But there is a percentage that the site takes + there are always some overlays with the sending of goods to another city or another country.

Until you sell something rare and unusual that needs a wider market, try to use the local market. It is quite possible that several people live on your own street who will buy your acoustics for a couple of thousand rubles.

Be transparent about any shortcomings of the product you are selling

If you do not want to return the money and get your tools back, you need to be absolutely honest with your customers. After all, you are not a store, and what is purchased should not be returned.

You must be able to responsibly declare that the instrument is in order and point out any problems, you need to let the buyer inspect everything on his own.

For example, there are very small cracks on the plates that you sell – no need to meet with a customer in a dark club and hope that he will not notice anything. You don’t want to be scammers like the ones we offer in the previous cottage, do you?

Consider a Selling Alternative

Remember all the good things that other people have done to you – maybe someone gave you an instrument for several years to learn how to play, or even gave it to you? Consider that you can also help someone become a musician.

Do you need an extra couple of thousand or can you imagine a small scientific charity? Oneself plus in karma, another – pleasure.