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Arizona Department of Corrections Inmate Search: The Guide to Locate an Inmate in Arizona State Prisons

The Federal Bureau of Prisons maintains all the inmates’ records, or we can say, offenders, through a centralized database. Every state has set out different rules for the offenders. Inmates with longer sentences transfer to different jails within the state. The system updates the inmate’s information in real-time on the portal for people who want to know about their inmate’s exact position.

Arizona Department of Corrections inmate search helps individuals locate their loved ones serving in the jails within the state of Arizona. Arizona Department of Corrections runs the state prison system. They have their web portal with a full database of every inmate open for the public.

Moreover, different states have set up different jails for cities with city jails and counties as county jails. The information about the inmates serving in county jails and city jails are decentralized from the database. However, you can fetch information about such inmates by following the below-given guide.

How do you locate an Inmate? 

With the help of the Arizona Department of Corrections Inmate Search, anyone can locate an inmate with his exact location within the state. The system will fetch all the information about the inmate with his current location.

You have to enter the first name and last name of the inmate to locate an inmate through this portal. Besides this, you would also be asked to enter his date of birth and Inmate Number, i.e., the ID.

The department manages all the records of state prisons in a database. Anyone can get information about an inmate through the official ADC website. As noted above, you have to enter the first name and last name with the date of birth and the ID number.

The system will fetch the information, and you would get to know about his location and other details right away. The best thing about this portal is you don’t have to visit the nearby jail or department to figure out the inmate’s location. You can search for the same from anywhere using this web-based portal, which is officially made available by the Federal Bureau of Prisons for every state of the country.

Locate Someone in Jail in Arizona By Facility Type:

Arizona Department of Corrections provides different facilities to prisoners as per the crime they did. If they are normal offenders, they would be sent to the county jails. Likewise, for serious offenders or pro-criminals, there are different prisoning facilities available in the state of Arizona.

After locating the information about an inmate through the official web portal, you can visit that location by simply filtering up the facility type. You can locate an inmate as per the given facility by the department.

The different Facility Types are as follows: 

The Arizona Department of Corrections has multiple facility types for prisoners, which are listed below. You can find the list with in-depth information about the number of prisoners year-wise on the official portal.

  • County Jails
  • City Jails
  • Police Department Jails
  • Regional Facility
  • State Prisons
  • Private Facility
  • Federal Bureau of Prisons
  • County Jail Administrator and more

All these facilities with the number of their prisons are available on the portal. You can get the details of each jail with their postal addresses as well. As soon as you locate your inmate’s exact position, you can search for that facility type and get the details to make a phone call or to book an appointment for a personal visit.