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ARLC push ahead with secret reform vote

The NRL has defended its decision to institute a secret ballot on the vote for ARL Commission constitutional reform later this month.

Racing NSW chief executive Peter V’landys and prominent lawyer Glen Selikowitz are to be voted onto the commission in club-elected roles as part of the reforms.

The pair beat out former Collingwood chief executive Gary Pert to take up the newly-created clubs’ voices on the overhauled commission.

The vote on the biggest overhaul in the history of the independent commission will take place at the ARLC annual general meeting on February 21.

It’s been reported some clubs will vote against the reforms, which will see two club-appointed chairs added to the commission, unless their concerns are met. quoted one anonymous club chair who said some changes were made by certain club chairs to the reform documents without the other clubs’ knowledge.

It’s alleged the changes put the NSWRL and QRL in a position of power, upsetting the independence of the board.

Should two clubs vote against the reforms, the clubs will forfeit their right to have a voice on the commission.

The reforms were agreed upon last year and the NRL claims it provided the clubs with a final draft of the constitution in an email earlier this month.

In a separate issue, ARLC chairman John Grant said some clubs had concerns the ballot would remain secret however he said that was done to maintain the independence of the vote.

“The commission has consistently maintained that a change to the constitution of any organisation is a very significant matter demanding full consideration by each member,” Grant said.

“The commission has enthusiastically contributed to the governance review and consistently ensured every member is fully informed of the commission’s thinking as it forms its view.

“Once each member has formed its final position, they have a right to express that in a vote as we all do when we elect our governments – privately and independently. Hence the secret ballot.”

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