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Asda introduces 97-product-strong vegan Christmas range

A vegan merry Christmas! Asda launches 97-product festive range including a showstopping soya-based ‘turkey crown’

  • Asda has introduced a new 97-product-strong vegan Christmas range 
  • Highlights include Asda’s Breaded Vegan Brie with Sweet Chilli Dip
  • The star of the show is the supermarket’s Plant-Based Vegan Turkey Crown 

For many of us, Christmas dinner is all about the turkey, and now Asda is making a bid for the vegan market to make sure nobody misses out. 

The retailer has announced a 97-product-strong plant-based Christmas range, including Christmas dinner, dessert and all the trimmings. 

With everything from Asda’s Breaded Vegan Brie with Sweet Chilli Dip (£3.50) to Asda’s Plant-Based Vegan Turkey Crown with Umami Stock (£5) there is something for every meal and party over the festive season. 

Asda’s Plant-Based Vegan Turkey Crown with Umami Stock (£5)

Asda’s star of the show Vegan Turkey Crown is a succulent soya-based treat, topped with a flavoured crumb for that crispy-skin texture and finished with an insanely savoury umami butter to stand in for turkey-basting juices. 

Other supermarket chains in the UK have also upped their vegan offering this Christmas. 

Sainsbury’s, is also selling a Turkey Style Crown and No Gammon with Blood Orange Glaze as part of its tried-and-trusted Taste the Difference range. 

Both have been created to mimic the look and taste of the meat, but come in cheaper than their carnivorous counter part, at just £7 each. 

Asda's Extra Special Vegan Chocolate Baubles (£4.50)

Asda’s Extra Special Vegan Chocolate Baubles (£4.50)

Even Amazon has created a centrepiece for Christmas day with its No-Turkey Joint, complete with chestnut and cranberry stuffing.

Sainsbury’s is also serving up a sweet treat with its Quadruple Chocolate No-Cheesecake. 

Whilst Asda has pulled the stops out with its Extra Special Vegan Chocolate Baubles (£4.50), perfect for an extravagant vegan dessert.  

Asda's Extra Special Vegan No Pigs in Blankets (£2.75)

Asda’s Extra Special Vegan No Pigs in Blankets (£2.75)

Asda's Extra Special Vegan Wellington (£5)

Asda’s Extra Special Vegan Wellington (£5)

As well as vegan, Asda has an extensive range of free-from Christmas products, with  highlights including  Asda’s Free From Mince Pies (£2), Extra Special Free From 6-Month Matured Luxury Christmas Pudding (£2), as well as treats such as the Extra Special Free From Blood Orange Enrobed Cookies (£2.20).

The new range comes as part of Asda’s largest Christmas range to date, with over 100 vegan and free-from products.

Many of Asda’s new vegan Christmas range will be available to buy online and in-store from 24th November, with further items released over the course of the month.

Asda’s Breaded Vegan Brie with Sweet Chilli Dip (£3.50)

Asda’s Breaded Vegan Brie with Sweet Chilli Dip (£3.50)

It’s not just Asda that is championing new and varied vegan ranges this festive season, M&S and Sainsbury’s amongst others have thrown their hat in the ring. 

Tesco is pulling out all the stops with its showpiece Maple & Bourbon No-Gammon Joint, made from wheat, pea and soya protein (£1.66 per head), as well as it No-Beef Wellington, also made from wheat and soya, but coated in a roasted garlic, herb and mushroom  duxelles and wrapped in a flaky lattice pastry (£1.25 per head). 

Whilst Morrisons has been hard at work this year adding new vegan food to its wide range of plant-based alternatives. 

Morrison’s offering includes the Best Christmas No Prawn Toast featuring tender jackfruit, to get your party started.   

Carrying on the celebrations Waitrose has added Vegan Mini No Beef Empanadas and Vegan Layered Mushroom Parfait to its party range. 

But it’s M&S’s Reindeer Bao Buns that jump out at us. These cute reindeer buns are jumping on the Taiwanese food trend.