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ATV safety tips

The ATV also called the All Terrain Vehicle is for people who enjoy the outdoors and having fun on rocky surfaces. Costing around 10000$ more or less, its four wheeled and travels on low pressured tires. That means that they are practically designed for the mountains and terrains. These vehicles are not meant to be driven on any type of paved roads where cars drive pass by and can hit a person driving the ATV. Since these ATV’s are very high powered thigs it is important to know and use the ATV safety tips to keep you safe.

ATV safety tips are very important to know whether you are a parent teaching your child or an adult.

Following the some of the most precious ATV safety tips one should know before riding it.

  1. Protective gear:

Always wear safe and tough clothing before riding a ATV. Your main priorities should be having off highway gloves, off highway pants, tough over the knee boots and a long sleeved t shirt or jersey underneath.

Other than that ATV safety tips include you wearing a helmet, and eye protection googles.

  1. Avoid paved surfaces at all costs:

This one is a must for all ATV riders. The ATV is built for rough surfaces and areas and can easily cause a accident if driven on a paved surface or road. In the US alone there are an approximate 400-600 death every year due to ATV road accidents.

  1. Inspect and check you ATV and keep a gear box with you:

The ATV is a machine and it can malfunction or be in a bad condition even if you just bought it brand new. You should thoroughly check your bike and test it before taking it out on a ride.

Another ATV safety tip is that you keep a ATV gear tool box with you when out for a spin.

  1. Always ride with friends:

There are many trails made for ATV rides and most are in the mountains or rocky areas where mishaps can happen anywhere, anytime. To avoid being stuck in a difficult and dangerous situation, you should never ride alone and travel with friends. There is strength in number!

  1. Don’t drink and drive:

Stressing that drinking and driving any vehicle on any surface is a very bad and dangerous idea. More that often it is life threatening and scary. Never be under any influence and get behind a steering wheel. It might be your very last one!

  1. Do not show off or goon ride:

One of the main reasons accidents occur is because people start to do tricks and wheelies which leads them to accidents which impair them and some even for life. Do not ride beyond your ability and remember that stunts are only for professionals trained to do so.

  1. Extra care when riding ATV in winters:

Riding your four wheeler in winters require a bit of extra precautions and safety. Recognize sings of frostbite and know how to avoid and prevent it. If you feel you have frostbite, immediately go to someplace warm and try your best to increase your body temperature.

Avoid slippery snow trails and tracks and have friends with you at all costs.

If you follow these ATV safety tips, surely you will be safe and enjoy riding your ATV through summers and winters!

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