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Audio Visual Equipment catalog for Event Management

When it comes to setting up an event, one may need a lot more than just a venue and seating arrangements. Also, depending upon the occasion or event, the requirements may vary, and to make it worth an experience, a lot of audio visual equipment is used these days. Audio Video gadgets, namely audio speakers, lighting, podiums, projectors, and projection screens are quite common to point. Such gadgets prove quite useful and also make the program amusing to the attendees.

But this is not all; with a more significant event, the requirements also get more prominent, and there is a wide variety of equipment available in the field. Now to do an audio visual hire, you first need to know about all the options available. Therefore, below is a brief description of multiple AV (audiovisual) equipment to look at.

Audio Equipment to serve

  • Speakers: To reach out to a large crowd, speakers’ line-array setup might come in handy. A significant number of speakers are available to suit your requirement with the best quality and best sound to deliver.
  • Microphone: They are a must-have item for any corporate event or any institutional event as some addressing or speech can be delivered easily using a microphone.
  • Wireless: Wireless microphones or headphones are also used many times for tangle free and smooth surf through the event.
  • Sound Systems: All these speakers, microphones, and other equipment pieces are connected and managed together using sound systems like mixers, signal processors, amplifiers, etc.

Visual Aids useful for events

  • Projectors: Projectors are advantageous when it comes to present any visual message to the masses. But projectors need projection screens also for better delivery.
  • Video Walls: They are practically an expensive replacement for projection screens to show visual messages on a large screen composed of small screens connected in a sequence.
  • Displays: Large variations of LED or LCDs are used at various events as per requirements.

Lighting the event up

This part of the type of equipment is not as simple as it may seem. Lightings do not refer to just some random lights fixed at some checkpoint on the venue but have plenty of arrangements behind the scene. First of all, there are many items on the scale of lighting and serve varied purposes.

  • Lasers: Laser lights are worth spending on a night event or closed venue events as they enhance the scenic beauty.
  • Stage Lights: Colorful range of led lights to decorate stage along with manual or automated fixtures, also termed as truss system. It is usually a framing done at various points on the venue, and the mainframe has a various combination of colorful lights.
  • Spotlight: Used to throw an intense, focused beam of light on the show stoppers or heart of the events.
  • Camera Lights: For better recording, better lighting is necessary, and thus camera lights are useful to provide backup.

Most of this lighting equipment is connected to an embedded system that is programmed to automatically change lighting combinations and shift focus from time to time itself. Lights are the typical audio visual hire material for majorly all party events. These are not all, but various lamps, control consoles, hazer, and smoke machines are also in the queue. Power distribution systems and even rigging systems are used in big events.

Recording and production gadgets

Once the setup is done, and then comes the recording devices such as the camera and camcorders. There are different kinds of recording equipment available for various distinct events as per location and surrounding events. And these days, a significant advancement is noticed in this section with the introduction of innovations like drone cams and automatic cameras.

This process begins with the static camera setups or other preparations like choosing the angles of recording, coverage plan and opting for suitable equipment types. And end with complete editing of the recorded media, adding special effects required, removing the noise from the media, and giving it the desired final touch before converting it into output media.

Stages: Stage designs are also a part of event management and may require hiring experts for it. Stages for different events need different arrangements like a catwalk stage has a major difference from any speech stage or a wedding stage. Their decorations are also done accordingly to fit best the occasion.

Podium: Podiums are suitable for formal addressing in meetings or similar speech events. These can be easily set up as they have no such requirements.

Curtains and drapes: Most events require backstage curtains or other decoration cloth materials for colorful surroundings.

Computer systems: Very commonly required for any event as they may fulfill various purposes. These days, not just the standard computer system but also with various touch screen equipment, such devices can be of much help at multiple moments.

Expert staff for audiovisual tech

The whole of these audio-video equipment arrangements is not a work of an amateur and needs specially trained workers to handle it professionally. And therefore hiring such experts is a smart choice instead of trying to handle it yourself. It’s not just a difficult task for a non-specialist, but even different specialists in their category like a camera technician, lighting technician, and audiovisual technician.

Many service providers have a massive collection of audio-video equipment available for hiring and offer technicians. Most of them also have some predefined equipment set for some usual events like business meetings, weddings or DJ events, etc. Such predefined setups can also come on good discounts, but still, one has full independence to choose their preferred gadgets.

The article, as mentioned earlier, was about some general audio-video devices that make any event useful. But they are not all and also these pieces of equipment keeps on upgrading with time and also different companies makes such gadgets giving much more options to choose from. Many elite gadget makers like JBL, Bose, etc., might be costly, but their quality is again top class.