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Aussie comedian will use his Hollywood connections to help get North Sydney back into the NRL

Superstar Aussie comedian who counts Brad Pitt among his mates will use his Hollywood connections to realise his ‘lifelong dream’ of getting the North Sydney Bears back into the NRL

  • Russell Crowe famously brought Hollywood clout – and cash –  to South Sydney
  • Now Aussie comedian Jim Jefferies is aiming to do the same with North Sydney
  • The Bears are pushing for re-entry in a joint expansion bid with Perth 
  • Jefferies is prepared to fund the bid and also bring in other Hollywood stars 

Could Jim Jefferies be the next Russell Crowe of the NRL?

You might laugh at Jefferies’ crass and confronting brand of stand up comedy, but his plans to resurrect the North Sydney Bears are no joke – and he plans on bringing some real Hollywood clout to the table.

Jefferies is a megastar in the United States these days, but like many rugby league supporters on the northern beaches of Sydney he grew up idolising the Bears.

Now that talks are in place to bring back the iconic red and black in a joint expansion bid with Perth, Jefferies is on the case.

Crowe has saved South Sydney from financial ruin since becoming co-owner in 2006, and Jefferies believes he can drum up plenty of Hollywood support – including his good mate Brad Pitt – to add real clout to the Bears’ bid for readmission.  

‘It would be a lifelong dream [to have the Bears return]. It truly would,’ Jeffries told News Corp.

Brad Pitt appears on Jim Jefferies television show. His profile would add considerable clout to the North Sydney bid to be re-admitted to the NRL

‘There’s nothing in my life that I would rather spend my money on than seeing the red and blacks run back out onto the pitch.

‘I remember the moment Russell bought Souths and I said to myself: ‘If I ever have any money then the first thing I am doing is getting the Bears back in the league’. Now, I have that opportunity to help a little bit.

‘The Bears are everyone’s second team but for me they were my first, second and third team. It would mean the world to me to have the Bears back. I’m keen to be involved as much as possible.

‘I’ve been a Bears fan my whole life. They broke my heart when they kicked them out. I was devastated. I thought the pain would go away but it never really has. I went to a Bears game when I was four or five years old and was hooked.’

Greg Florimo (top), Sean Hoppe and Mario Fenech (centre) and Brett Dallas (bottom) are just some of the rugby league greats that came through the ranks at the North Sydney Bears

Greg Florimo (top), Sean Hoppe and Mario Fenech (centre) and Brett Dallas (bottom) are just some of the rugby league greats that came through the ranks at the North Sydney Bears

Bears chairman Daniel Dickson said having Jefferies’ support would mean more than just financial aid, it would bring enormous profile and credibility toward their push. 

‘This could put Brad Pitt in a Bears cap,’ he said.

‘[Jefferies] is keen to get involved. And, more importantly, this is going to raise the profile of rugby league in the US. Russell Crowe has done a great job getting various celebrities involved and this will be our contribution.

‘Jim is Australia’s biggest comedian. Having the likes of him on board with the Bears brings together the deep love and passion for the Bears heritage and it’s great to have Jim now wanting the US to get behind the Bears.’