Aussie couple who emerged victorious after taking on ‘sun lounger hoggers’ slam ‘entitled’ tourists

Aussie couple who emerged victorious after taking ‘sun lounger hoggers’ in Bali to task over leaving their towels on day beds for nine hours slam ‘entitled’ holidaymakers

  • Holiday-maker Thom Aspland has slammed ‘entitled’ tourists in Bali
  • He and his wife Lisa were honeymooning in Bali with ‘sun lounger hoggers’ 
  • The couple removed the towels that were reserving the seats after nine hours 

A holiday hero has slammed some ‘entitled’ tourists who reserved sun loungers for nine hours while he and his wife were on holiday in Bali.

Newly-weds Thom Aspland and wife Lisa were honeymooning at Bali’s Grand Barong Resort where they were met by unfurled towels on sun loungers at 6:30am.

After returning at 1pm and seeing the chairs untouched, the couple waited for a further hour of  no movement, before finally ditching the reserving towels and taking their place themselves.

They were met at 3.30pm by the shocked pair of ‘entitled’ tourists ‘iPads and books in hand.’

The couple were even sure to teach their competitors a lesson by ushering other tourists in in their place as they left.

Thom Aspland posted this ‘victory’ post on Facebook after securing the victory with Lisa

An unfurled towel on a sun-lounger is perceived to be the sign of someone reserving their spot by the pool

An unfurled towel on a sun-lounger is perceived to be the sign of someone reserving their spot by the pool

Speaking to Yahoo News, Thom slammed the tourists as ‘entitled’ and revealed his surprise at not being confronted by the pair.

‘We definitely thought they were entitled, but were surprised they didn’t confront us,’ he said.



  • Yes – you have to reserve your spot 188 votes
  • No – it’s selfish 2218 votes

His assumption was the lack of confrontation was down to the fact that ‘they knew what they had done.’

Thom added detail revealing the hilarious extend of the couple’s pettiness in getting on the beds in the first place.

‘We didn’t even want the beds,’ he said, but the compulsion to prove a point was too strong. 

‘Many places here have an hour rule, so we just made sure we gave them an hour once we got in the pool,’ he clarified.

He revealed that he and Lisa had been looking on from the bar for two hours before making their move.

He also gave comical detail of the approach of the two who thought they would get away with the nine-hour reservation, saying that ‘they quickly walked towards the chairs, then stopped and looked at each other to pause.

‘They then frantically looked for their two personal towels’ before departing to their hotel room never to be seen again.

The happy couple made absolutely certain that they proved their point when they left by passing the beds on to a mother and daughter after telling them the whole story.

Thom shared the ‘petty’ revenge’ online with droves of followers agreeing that leaving towels on seats all day was ‘sun hogging’ and disrespectful.

‘Am I the only one hoping there’s a day two to this situation,’ one person said.

Another wrote: ‘Proof that not all heroes wear a cape,’ another added. ‘Would shout you both a Bintang if I were there.’

‘I would’ve done the same except I wouldn’t have waited – if they weren’t there using them its free for all,’ a third added.

Some also commended the couple for waiting the hour that they did.

Thom then posted an update of the empty poolside chairs on the following morning as a sign of victory.

‘Free all morning,’ he declared.