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Aussie hospital workers plunged into isolation after saving the life of a Covid-infected patient

Brave Aussie hospital workers are plunged into isolation for two weeks after selflessly saving the life of a Covid-infected patient – as fears grow of a serious breach in another emergency department

  • Staff from Sunshine Coast University Hospital in Queensland saved a man’s life
  • The patient was infected with Covid and they all became casual contacts
  • In their rush to save his life, didn’t wear protective equipment, now in isolation 

Almost a dozen workers from an Australian hospital who saved the life of a patient with Covid have now been forced into two weeks of isolation.

The 10 staff members from Sunshine Coast University Hospital in Queensland all became casual contacts after the patient, who was moved from the Covid ward to the medical unit, suffered an anaphylactic shock.

Staff raced to save the patient’s life, but didn’t have time to put on personal protective equipment. 

As a result, they have been forced into a 14-day isolation.

The patient went into shock due to contrast dye used before an MRI scan on Wednesday. 

Queensland’s chief health officer Dr Jeanette Young praised the selfless actions of the hospital workers.

‘These staff put themselves in harm’s way to help a patient in need. They put the patient’s welfare before their own,’ she said.

‘From the information I have, staff were required to act quickly and may not have been able to maintain full infection control while attending to the emergency.

‘They absolutely followed the right process.

‘Sunshine Coast Hospital and Health Service has put a range of measures in place and there is no risk to anyone else from this incident.’